March 2, 2015

The Unusual Tales of Friendship: Nakama no Suto ri

How'd you meet your best friend? How did you meet your closest friends? Did you make a friend application and fill it out with your info? Nah, I don't think people do that to make friends. Most of our friends, we met by random coincidence and/or chance(s). 

All it takes is to take a chance on someone to be their friend.

A weak person usually has less friends right? 
That's not true. 
A person has friends like themselves. And no one is truly weak.

What about anime? Well I learned from anime that friendship takes more of a chance than in real life, if the storylines were real life. I know you've all thought, what if anime was real? But I guess some of us want it to be... 

That's not the point. 
Like in One Piece, remember Zoro? 

Luffy had to practically beg him and vow to him that he'd help him escape just for him to consider joining his no-pirate-yet crew. But Luffy didn't lose hope... I hope that's not a spoiler, if it is you should really watch One Piece at some time in the future.

After that it seemed easier for Luffy to make Nakama/friends. Luffy passed the "first step" that they say is the hardest or most difficult. After that Luffy was way more confident in being himself and being a pirate! But his journey is still continuing, as the anime is still running and the manga is still being printed. 

Ok, enough One Piece...!
Then on the brighter, lighter side of life (slice of life/drama) anime you've got Ouran Host Club. 

Haruhi was a new student and she was pretty much all alone at her new school. Those are the hardest days for everyone, the first day of school. She made a mistake and suddenly she found herself with new "friends" at the school's male host club. It took her a long time to actually be friends with everone there which is part of why the anime is so good! It's a good watch for sentimental people and anyone who hasn't seen it before.

I think I'll stop with the examples, you're all seasoned Otaku, right? Sometimes it just seems difficult making a new friend in the real world but anime makes it seem possible. It's possible for anyone!

*RPGhero signing out!*

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