August 30, 2011

Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It {S2} 10

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It, Season two!

[Season Two!]

Our tracks today deal with relationships, fragility, hurt feelings, and whatever else you'd encounter in a teen drama! Vocaloids aren't teenagers, you say?! They may not be your average teens, but they were definitely programmed to be (based on their ages).

Hatsune Miku - officially 16 years old

Kagamine Rin/Len - officially 14 years old

Gumi - ???? [She likes to keep it a secret!?]

Anyway, let's not force Gumi... she'll come to terms with growing old one day. Anyway, venture beyond the break for the videos!

Japanese romance anime and even live action films really surprise me. Many people believe that most all Japanese are very reserved and "take what they get, not what they want." But in all forms of media, when it concerns romance, it's quite the opposite! Most rom-com and even dramatic romance anime focus on the fight against kataomoi, or unrequited love. Especially from the female perspective, being trapped in a romance that is one-sided is more of a challenge than a downfall. Kataomoi leads to both hilarious and heart-wrenching moments, which makes it a really strong (and sometimes overused) element of a story.

Now, watch as Gumi fights to make her love recognize her! The bittersweet school-time romance that ensues will surely make your heart's eye shed a single tear!

Gumi - Sorry To You

While girls are well-known to fight unrequited love, guys in Japan are also becoming known as "herbivore men." This term gets at the weakness and fragility of males in Japanese society. While that kind of trait can be problematic to a country's population count, it also displays a romantic sensitivity that crosses gender borders, and that relationships involve considering the others' feelings strongly...

(Ahem, enough serious pretext) Len and Miku?! A couple?! Len's a crybaby ... what's new? 

"What can I do for you the crybaby
is to only accompany you and cry.
The two of us crying, that's strange.
So we stop crying and laugh.
What can I do for you the strong one
is just to snuggle next to you and show a smile."

Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len - Crybaby Boyfriend

Which one did you like better? :)



  1. Hauuuu~

    They were both very good but I liked Gumi's better :).

  2. I was reading about their programmed ages and I came across one that was in her 20s, and I think it was Megurine Luka. Can you confirm this or affirm what it really is for the fans Chansu?

  3. Yup Megurine Luka is officially 20 years old. Think about THAT next time you see her in sailor fuku!

  4. o.O...

    Hauu~ I liked it better when I didn't know their ages... =P



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