August 24, 2011

Contest Winners Announced!!

Gomen nasai! 

Sorry for the wait guys! It has been over a week since the end of our Free Contest Giveaway, and we've finally decided on the winners! We've had our hands tied up working on the blog, working out better ways to give you guys awesome things to check out every day! Of course, we weren't slacking a bit, trust us!

[Good guy pose!]

Well, maybe we were slacking a little. It's still summer after all!

Anyway, we ran our random-number generator -- whoops, I mean really awesome convention anecdote grader -- for just a single time to come up with the recipients of our amazing prizes! There were a total of 4 contestants, and 3 prizes, so before the jump say a quick prayer and hope for the best! 

[Click "Read More >>" to see if you won a prize!]

Alright, here are the results! 

Remember the prizes are:

1st place - R&B/J-POP Band CHEMISTRY's "All The Best" 2CD + DVD set!
2nd place - Promotional Poster for Makoto Shinkai's masterpiece anime film "5 Centimeters Per Second"!
3rd place - It's still a mystery, silly! :)

And here




 [Wish we could give you all a prize! Well, we'll see what we can do =)]

Well, there you have it folks! If you see yourself up there, then give us your email address in the comments, or respond to our email asking for your desired shipping address! We'll get your prize to you as soon as possible! 

Thanks for supporting Otaku Reviewers by participating in our contest! As a special way to congratulate those who hung on to our OR flyers we distributed at Otakon, if you still have one please leave a comment as well! If you can send it back to us, we'll give you a special prize! It remains secret as well >:) We're suave and mysterious like that.

Anyway, check back often for the latest in Otaku culture! 



  1. OSU! Arigatou, minnasan! I love 5CPS! Good deal! ^_^

    My email address is centakuchan[at]gmail[dot]com.

  2. UPDATE: The prizes have been sent out at first class mail!!!

    Please send us your address if you have not done so already and we'll send yours out with fast mail too!

  3. Sorry, I was busy. My email is



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