July 14, 2011

:::Summer Season 2011 Recommendations:::

みんなさんこんにちは! / Minna-san konnichiwa! / Good afternoon everyone!

Today I bring you my recommendations on some promising anime for this Summer Season!

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Recommendations:  (in no particular order)

::: Kamisama Dolls :::
Unique & Interesting
Genres:  (Action / Drama / Supernatural / Seinen)

::: The Idolm@ster :::
Relaxing & Cute
Genres:  (Music)

::: Usagi Drop :::
Steady & Beautiful
Genres:  (Slice of Life / Josei)
More Details:

(Note:  These are based off the first episodes alone.) 

Kamisama Dolls - It's a very unique and suspenseful supernatural action mix about people called Seki who can control these "Gods" with their hearts.  However these dolls are a secret to a very suspicious village.  It has a little spooky production style paired up with super kawaii and moe characters (namely Utao--the imouto-chan =P) which makes it very interesting to watch.

Interesting Note:  Utao is the same voice actress as Elicia Hughes from FMA:  Brotherhood!  Can't get any cuter than that! :3

Preview Pic:

The Idolm@ster - Relaxing and refreshing anime about 13 girls who aspire to be idols.  Watch them grow in this anime in a Lucky Star-style production!  It's based off a game that's VERY popular--probably due to the overload of (a veriety of) moe and kawaii girls with many different personalities that are all equally enjoyable to meet as well as the awesome songs they have waiting for all Kawaii Music Lovers =P. 

Preview Pic:

Usagi Drop - Very lighthearted and interesting slice of life about a guy who takes in his father's illegitimate daughter as his own.  It's kind of feels like a cross between Honey & Clover and Kimi ni Todoke.  And it's probably going to be my favorite this season so I highly recommend it for all slice of life lovers.

Preview Pic:

Well that's all for today! Hopefully you guys will enjoy some of these animes that I recommended or find some of your own summer animes to follow! :)

Thanks for reading! ^^,

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