July 14, 2011

JPOP Video of the NIGHT!

Aoi Tori by Fumika

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I believe that blue bird in the fairytale will bring us happiness
I wish I could be like flying figure in the free blue sky; this thought keep repeating in my mind.
but it eventually disappear like a blur vision
I didn't really forget anything, my thought just slip
slipping away like a foam and disappear
however this thought still stuck deeply in my chest
It's like waiting for a gasp while you sleeping
I don't want that unleashed basket anymore.

wherever I be, the reflection of the mirror still shows me in those happy day
In this vast sky and shapeless world, I seek for a true warmth
Sometimes, my heart is shaking
when I look up to that frustrating sky

I know the overwhelming wish only cause a pain but
when I look back, I see blue color wihch looks like a dream
If words couldn't accomplish my wish, then
this hands that I'm stretching so far, will surely make it come true
The monochrome rainbow will be colored
If that time comes, a miracle has already begun

tears that overflowing along with my feeling are linked together with the same heart as that day
cast off the past, aim to the future, the page is starting to turn over
Is the strain voice of the blue bird actually reside in me?

'I didn't really forget anything'
that strain voice sparks a light to many dreams.
a thought that I wish to grant stuck deeply in my chest
I don't want a time to fly, waiting for a gasp, nor a basket anymore.

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