April 18, 2011

Ichigo's Youthful Crisis!

Ichigo Kurosaki
 What made Ichigo become Karakura town's Hero?

Ichigo Kurosaki, when his story began, was a 15 year old guy who could see ghosts and the spirits of the dearly departed. Already, he has above average capabilities. The average person would go crazy if they could see ghosts. Ichigo is no stranger to death, as a young child he had seen a monster called a hollow murder his mother. Ichigo knew from then on which apparitions were benevolent and which ones, if any like the one he'd seen before, were malevolent. 
Ichigo comforting the ghost of a little girl

Ichigo's family all had the capacity to see ghosts however his father kept most of his capacities from Ichigo. Ichigo grew up familiar to the world of the spirits. But there are some things we can tell about Ichigo as a person. Ichigo is a kind-hearted person. Ichigo is a confrontational person, he even fights his own father. Ichigo is a serious person, unlike other heroes of animation, Ichigo doesn't eat more than he's worth or crack jokes. This is somewhat what one would expect from someone who can see ghosts.

Ichigo having after school sparring with his father

Ichigo is not a normal 15 year old. But I would disagree. Ichigo has a tangled relationship with two girls. One girl, Rukia Kuchiki, almost kicked Ichigo's butt and then later he saves her from execution. The other girl, Orihime, was kidnapped and later rescued by Ichigo. Ichigo had to fight very strong men for the sake of these girls. I would hypothesize that he likes one of them if not both of them. Ask yourself, would Ichigo rescue Ishida if he was kidnapped by Aizen? 

Rukia, trying to get Ichigo to talk about his mother

Orihime and Aizen

This brings me to my conclusion. Ichigo is a young man with a mother complex. He is irresistably attracted to saving helpless young women from being taken from strange men. First Rukia, by her brother, the captains, and Aizen. Then Orihime, from Ulquiorra and Aizen. Ichigo wants to be a protector of people, of Karakura town, not the best fighter there ever was. Not once has Ichigo said he wanted to be the strongest Soul Reaper in the soul society, not once. Wanting to be the best is something related to a man complex or father complex. 
Ichigo versus Grimmjow on the defensive
One of Ichigo's signature fights, against Grimmjow shows his personality clearly. The first battle with Grimmjow, Ichigo thought he would win but was defeated tragically. After that fight Ichigo went into a depression. Put a person with a man complex in that situation and you'll see that he'll want to become stronger at any cost to defeat the opponent, not Ichigo though. Ichigo went into failed protector mode and mulled about how he's not in any shape to protect the people around him. At one point he woke up and hit his mattress with his fist in a pseudo anger that gave way to depression. Ichigo later won the fight, but ONLY because Orihime was there to say "Don't die Ichigo!". Unconsciously Ichigo compared Orihime to his mother and the words "Don't die Ichigo!" became a ultimatum to avoid death at all costs. If it were Chad up on that pillar screaming "Don't die Ichigo", I doubt Ichigo would have won the fight without mortal injury. Later during his fight with Ulquiorra, Orihime was crying over Ichigo which caused him to become a true hollow. Showing that Ichigo really couldn't let Orihime down.
Will Ichigo actually get with one of the girls that inspire him? Or will he be subject to seeing them as his mother forever????
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