December 24, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas ... In Gensokyo

It's the day before Christmas,
and all through the Gensokyo
every creature is bullet-dodging
as is the nature of Touhou!

But today is quite special
Today will be the best!
Today is the day of
The Great Gensokyo Santa Contest!

Without further ado
Let's begin this moe-fest!

Marisa & Nitori
The contest begins
with the kappa and the thief.
These Santas would cause more trouble
than any Extra stage chief.

It's Kero-chan Santa
with presents for all!
But please watch out for Pyonta,
as he wants to deck your halls.

Her looks may deceive you,
she may look short and sweet,
but this straight-and-narrow Santa
will convict you in a heartbeat.

It's the Scarlet devil santa!
Her wings always glowing
like Christmas tree lights.
But... was she U.N. Owen?

An adorable bird-brained Santa
is not one to dismiss.
Run to your bomb shelters,
it's gonna be a nuclear Christmas.

A tsundere Santa
obsessed with her dolls.
Her precious thing stolen
until Marisa calls.


The nine-tailed fox
dons the jolly red suit.
When she's not streaking
she's actually kinda cute.

Half-ghost and half-human
she sure can do santa's job.
But watch out for Yuyu,
she'll eat Kon like corn on the cob.

Sorry Youmu,
looks like you've been demoted.
While this gluttonous ghost princess
has been unanimously promoted.

Houjuu Nue
The legendary monster.
The UFO alien.
Makes a mischeivous Santa
on the Star Lotus ship sailing.

The pure lotus saint
will bring happiness to Christmas.
A beautiful Santa
that naughty kids will miss.

...wait stop the press!
This contest will now be graced
by Gensokyo's strongest!!

Her smarts are unrivaled
Her power, immense.
Our favorite snow fairy
passes the Santa test!

She brings us great joy
and is pure of heart.
She is Gensokyo's herald
of Christmas' start!

But wait, it's Reimu again!
and what's that on her back?
Our red and white miko
is carrying Santa's sack!

She'll fly to each house
late Christmas eve night,
giving presents to good children
overnight on her flight.


The battle was amazing,
the Santas, moe.
Our love for Touhou and Christmas
reached it's peak today!

I hope you enjoyed
our little celebration here.

Otaku Reviewers
you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


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