December 21, 2010

How do Japanese people celebrate Christmas?

Is that a question you might have had?

Well I will give you my expert knowledge into the culture of Japan.

About 1%, or less than, of the Japanese population affiliates with the Christian denomination. However, Japan has seen how well the Christmas festivities instill cheer in Americans so they have created a commercial Christmas. Much like our commercial Christmas, people buy each other presants, decorate stores and houses with lights, have Christmas parties, and may even have a Christmas tree. It's great that the cheer of Christmas can be celebrated in Japan!

Parents can give gifts to their children and co-workers and expect gifts from their children. It's a great time of year to make homemade gifts for your family!

For younger people in Japan, Christmas is like Valentine's Day again. If you're a young person in Japan you'd buy your crush or sweethart a present. And instead of giving them homemade chocolates like on Valentine's day, you'd give them a Christmas cake. That is usually homemade. Usually the girl gives the guy the confections, just like on Valentine's day. And if you're a guy it's a great time to confess to your crush, it may even be a better time than Valentine's day. Confessing is a Japanese concept meaning to divulge or confess your feelings of love or infatuation to your crush.

Let's learn romajii!
Suki - To Like
Daisuki - To Love
Aishiteru - Love (noun)
In Japan if you like someone as more than a friend you will tell them suki. If you love someone, the huge L-word, then you will tell them daisuki.

It is believed in Japan, that Christmas is a magical time of year for love, like Valentine's day. I could believe that because the original meaning of Valentine's day was to dedicate a day to martyrs who loved the Christian religion enough to die for it, including St. Valentine. If Valentine's day is a day of love, then Christmas can also be a day of love. But I won't go too far into my own religion.

Lights are everywhere in Japan on Christmas. It can even make the lights adorning NYC look shabby...

Ah another reason to move to Japan ^^

And this has been RPGHero's expert advice!

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