December 1, 2010

:::Tsundere Spotlight:::

Hey everyone!

This TSL shines on Isurugi Mio from MM!

If you don't already know what MM! is about, check out my Fall Season Recommendations Post!

To sum it up (incase you're too lazy to click a hyperlink... =P) it's about a school club that tries to cure people's problems--and the weirdest ones to boot!

The main character is a Masochist (M is slang for Masochist)... and our star Tsundere of the Month, Mio-chan, is an unrealized innate Sadist! Can you imagine the comedy in that? It get's better than that--all the club members seem to have problems. I won't reveal everyone's problems because that's no fun--our focus today is Mio!

So who is Mio?

She's the main character (Sado Taro)'s senior and is the head of the school club called the Second Volunteer Club. When Sado comes in with his masochist problems she swears she'll cure it. The problem is (since she's a closet sadist) she attempts to cure his masochist with not just pain--no--EXTREME pain. Using twisted logic to justify her humorous attempts, she painfully gratifies Sado in a series of comical yet deadly events =P.

You might be thinking: She sounds like all Tsun--where's the Dere!?

Well she has a soft side too--her feelings begin to imply themselves as time goes on: Why does she try everything to help Sado? Why is she not willing to give up on him? etc. etc. And some of her attempts happen to be a little romantic but I'll stop here so as to not spoil much =P.

Her Tsun-dere switch is very pleasing to see and she's drawn with great art and seeing her smile is enough to brighten anyone's day! She's a very obvious tsundere with the mood switch personality as opposed to the "change over time" that is mentioned in *cough* Lucky Star's Lucky Channel in episode 10 *cough*!

Here's some pictures of her tsun-dere sides:



She struggles to save Sado from his masochism while battling with her assumed "rivals" who try to take Sado away from her!

Will she cure Sado before he is taken away by some other girl? Will Mio give up on him? Is Sado the type of person to commit to one girl? And if so, what will happen to the hearts he breaks? Will the anime's love drama every be solved?

What? Why are you looking at me like that... you don't think--ehh??

I-I'm not telling you!...Baka! You'll have to watch the anime yourself to find out! See Mio-chan in action in MM! =P

That's all for today! Thanks for reading ^^,

Stay tuned for more! :) ... >:(

A parting picture before you leave ^^

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