October 10, 2010

(NYCC / NYAF) Part 1: A Day in the City

NY Anime Festival

Yesterday Deretsun and I, RPGhero, traveled to the West Side of Manhattan to behold a collaboration that otaku and comic fans only dream about and that is the mixture of an anime convention with one of the biggest comics conventions in the world. While that is something in itself, it didn't grow on me. It seemed like New York Anime Festival took the backseat to New York Comic Con. There weren't as many cosplayers as I've seen at Animazement last summer in North Carolina.

Why don't we take a look at the cosplayers I cared to photograph, shall we?

I know this one! Two of "Professor Stein" from Soul Eater.

Sesshomaru! Would he look like this if he were real?

Chikusa from Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn
It was cool to see this anime REPresented by a cosplayer!

Star Wars - Clone Wars!

Does anyone know what anime or comic they're from?? They look familiar...


We also got to see Ash Ketchum's soul O.o
Well the voice actor WOMAN that plays Ash Ketchum. I couldn't get a closer picture than that...

She's the one with blonde hair.
She's pictured with Minori Chihara and some other english voice actors...

(Who looks so much more beautiful close up by the way)
Minori Chihara is most relevant to me at Yuki Nagato, the humanoid alien from the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

What about American Comic Book culture? Well I don't really care much for it but I thought it was interesting that singer/hip-hopper/songwriter Ne-yo was there with Stan Lee (the comic book Father) to talk about his comic collaboration, "Libra Scale". Well the illustration style was very realistic just like an American comic, the themes were very mature, and the dialogue seemed typical at first. However I did like the superhero aspect that was brought into it.

In other news...
Don't these things look like they're going to eat you??

They're called Ugly Dolls and they're a popular fad, possibly inspired by Japan's Domo-kun...

There were previews of new games for every system in the Exibitor's Room. Companies like Nintendo, Square Enix, etc had video game stations where people could play the newest games about to be released. There were so many people in the Exibitor's Room though it was impossible to play, let alone walk five feet without stopping for five minutes to wait for the people in front to move.

And finally the stash!

A one piece shirt, Ne-yo's Libra Scale sample, a Zoro poster, and a Tifa Lockhart poster!

One thing that boggles my mind is where Chansu got the money for his stash at AWA. Convention prices are higher than ever and he had a pretty big stash last time... But one good thing to think about is that we supported Japan. By buying character goods we're supporting people who make these anime and manga!
Some close up shots of the posters I bought from Kevin Yan's table at Artist Alley
Many people thought he was the best artist there

These photos don't give him any justice on these posters or his work in general
Go to his websites to see his justified awesome works
Kevin Yan's DeviantArt Page
His Portfolio

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