October 8, 2010

Jpop Video of the Night!

Ame ato by W-inds

Rainy day Rainy Day 
(Also the 7th Ending Theme of the Anime Television Show "Katekyoshi Hitman REBORN")

I jump out of the usual exit
And go with the flow as people come and go
Everyday, everyday
A faint light shines through the clouds
Look up at the town sky as the rain clears
Rainyday, rainyday

Restless day by day & night
The rain stops and I dodge cars
I’m on the run to where you are
Chasing traces of a rainbow, groovin’
Time goes by (Oh my!) I embrace these thoughts
Oh let, don’t let me down, gonna let go
Sorry to keep you waiting

A thought floats from the palm of your hand into the sky
I’ll hold onto this tiny bit of courage and race toward tomorrow

*I say yes!! No matter how much time passes
The thing you gave me after we met
Is just one step away!! I’ll protect you
And the love that will make our future come true should be there

Every sunny day we’d meet at the same sidewalk cafe
And the casual sky was almost like our
Everyday, everyday
The petals falling down from the sky
Makes us feel the changing of the seasons
Rainyday, rainyday

We pass each other by on the days & weekend
That’s why I want to be with you more
Through the night until dawn
Traces of rain, our world
Will shine and create a dream

Oh let, don’t let me down, gonna let go
Why don’t you close your eyes for me

The thoughts I wanted to tell you aren’t just words
I’ll hold your small hand and always be at your side

**I say yes!! No matter how much time passes
The smile of yours that I met
Is just one step away!! I won’t go astray
And make my dreams come true with an open heart

This time is never gonna stop!
This moment races forward
This time is never gonna stop!
Your love song won’t stop
Don’t step on the brake


Lyric added to Jpopasia by: ukk 


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