October 13, 2010

Jpop Video of the Night

Driver's High by L'arc-en-ciel

Also the opening theme of Great Teacher Onizuka

» Click for the GTO Opening«

My silver metallic heart became hotter
I'll light the fuse for you
It's such a mysterious high.
let's go kick up some dust!
A wild pulse coupled with the shouts.
Before my eyes is a rain of missiles.

My adrenalin's always pumping
and it looks as if it'll be me that overheats.
Even if i explode and turn into ash. I'll surely be laughing as is.

Let's outstrip the town, drive at full speed until the ends of the earth and then die like lovers!
C'mon reach out your hand.

Let's cut loose until our limits as we reach the horizon.
Woh! Clash! Into the rolling morning.
Flash! I'm in the coolest drivers high! The best ending. Yeah!

Soon enough. we'll die and a pitch-black morning will come.
If you picked out your favorite clothes.
we'll run off!

Let's raise our voices enough they'll be amazed and break through the atmosphere.
Woh! Clash! Into the rolling morning. Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high.
With steel wings..

Drive through! until time runs out, 'cause we're natural-born speed demons.
Woh! Clash! Into the rolling morning. Flash! I'm in the coolest driver's high.
See ya in the next world! Yeah!

Lyric added to Jpopasia by: jpoplover259

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