October 15, 2010

Jpop Video of the Night! And Anime Recommendation

Namida (Tears) by 2BACKKA

This is also the ending theme of Skip Beat!
Interesting story is that I was watching Skip Beat when I was in love... I just wanted to be Honjou Ren, the love interest of the main character (who's a girl).

I loved "Skip Beat!" so much I'm going to recommend it right here! Or maybe it was that I loved being in love and watching "Skip Beat!".

Before I give you guys the scoop, interestingly "Skip Beat!" is an anime with a female main character. I know I go on and on about the type of main character in a story... Anime with main characters from different groups are always welcome to me! Just for anime classification, this anime is a Shoujo one (one that is geared to girls and the boys that like romance).

"Skip Beat!" is about a girl named Kyoko Mogami. Ever since she was a little girl she was in love with her neighbor around the same age, Sho Fuwa. He hung out with her all the time. Then all of a sudden he broke into the pop industry. Once that happened he slowly distanced himself from her even telling his assistant that she's (and I paraphrase) a poor bimbo that he keeps around to do his chores when he's gone. Kyoko overhears a comment like that one day and she leaves him. She becomes independent and gets a job but what she really wants to do is break into the industry and become more famous then him. Soon she's noticed for her image in an acting gig. She decides it will be acting that makes her more famous than Shotaro (Sho's full name). Kyoko goes through many obstacles in her newly formed acting career and one of them is a "serious" actor's scorn from a man named Honjou Ren. However will something develop between Kyoko, a acting novice, and a "serious" actor who's criticism is always out for her? That all depends on how much Kyoko can grow as a person and an actor! Also, will she get more famous than Shotaro ^.-

click below for the ending theme video
»Skip Beat Ending One«

Translation of the ending theme lyrics:
(Note: The translation can be read when listening to the music. The singer usually changes verse after a pause of a certain amount of time. I've gotten good at being able to tell)

No matter how many thousand times we cry, we'll get through it.
But pretending to be clumsy and turning tail is not an option.
Though I'm sure you know that already.
We're not afraid of blowing our last chance.
Sadness, woefulness, and affection will all find their remedies someday.

Somedays things don't go my way,
so I lie to myself that everything is A-OK.
But something inside me is about to burst and tears will come flowing out.

Unable to be honest.
Unable to put on my true face.
If I keep running away from my problems,
no one will ever understand my feelings.

But it's not over till the fat lady sings, in fact it hasn't even begun!
I've yet to find the answer, I haven't given up yet.
I have yet to fully appreciate the joy of what it means to be me.
I stand here alone, my future awaiting.

All those tear-filled days are over. We're going to be strong once again.
But pretending to be a coward and turning tail is not an option.
I'm sure you know that already.
Knock us over a million times, we'll get right back up.
Your voice will guide me as I continue journeying onward.

A concept drawing of Kyoko and Ren
Interestingly shoujo titles have many concept drawings showing a relationship but throughout there'll be no signs of a relationship...

Season 2 is coming out in Japan sometime this month!!!
I should watch it... ^^

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