October 13, 2010

Everyone Take Your Seats, An Anime Recommendation from RPGHero

I'm going to recommend to you an anime that literally changed my life. Not in the sense that things changed but changed the way I thought about anime and myself. That anime is...

Eikichi Onizuka is a twenty-two year old community college graduate. He wants to become a teacher, according to his proclamations, the greatest teacher in all of Japan. Eikichi really isn't the teacher type. Throughout his middle school and some high school years he was the leader of a yakuza (or Japanese street gang), he frequently watches pornography, he sits under escalators to look up skirts, he drinks, smokes, etc. During his student teaching part of college he was even tempted (key word) to date and marry (with everything in between) girls around sixteen (as the age of consent ranges from 13 to 18 in Japan) due to the advice of a fellow student teacher (who later got kicked out of college). How could this man become the greatest teacher in Japan?? Well it turns out that Eikichi is a really good person. All of that other stuff aside Eikichi is determined to do anything for his students. He has amazing skills at street smarts and common sense. When he's assigned a middle school class he is disappointed at first, but that's not the only challenge he has to overcome. His class has been the problem class at that school for years and they hate teachers! If anyone can help them and make school fun at the same time, it's Great Teacher Onizuka!

On top of all of that Onizuka's co-workers don't approve of him, the vice principal wants him fired, and there are many conspirators who try to ruin his life. It doesn't phase Onizuka at all. He even manages to have a crush on a female teacher who starts to stick up for him when he's up against all odds. 

Go watch it!
The fall season lineup might be too anti-seinin for you...
(Seinin means anime or manga that is geared to people over eighteen)

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