September 18, 2010

What I'm Watching These Days

My name's Sawada Tsunayoshi also known as good for nothing Tsuna. Until a baby named Reborn appeared. I'm going to be a Mafia boss? Hitman Tutor Reborn starts soon!

Thoughts and Summary:
To be honest I couldn't get into this show when it first came out. The prospect of a baby teaching a teenager how to be a mafia boss seemed too imaginative even for me. But Chansu kept watching it and when he got up to episode one hundred and so he told me I had to watch it, so here I am. It's pretty good once you get used to the story. Tsuna was the kid in the class that everyone looked down on. He's skinny and he's pretty weak plus he fails math frequently. Until he finds out that a baby named Reborn is going to train him to be a mafia boss. With this mysterious baby's magic bullets (literally) Tsuna is given powers and shown how to unlock his own powers by using his maximum potential. But Tsuna still has to get over his old thoughts about being useless and powerless or he can't survive in such a world... Along with his new powers he's coaxed by Reborn to make friends and even befriend the girl he's had a crush on. But with all his new power and status comes the real mafia bosses who are looking for trouble...

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