September 20, 2010

Jpop Video of the Night

Lost Heaven by L'arc-en-ciel

There's actually no music video for this one...
Hyde's much better dressed at his venues in Japan but that's not why it's my J-pop video of the night...

There are various lyric versions for the Japanese parts and the translation I found to be true can't really be found...


Fourth Avenue Cafe also by L'arc en ciel

I would've like Hyde to be dressed like this in NY but that was... summer in NY...

Here's the lyrics for Fourth Avenue Cafe from Jpopasia

I was told that the calm season is over
The differently colored memories gather
For those people, love ends in goodbye
Their eyes waver

My feelings musn't be discontinued
From the start, I didn't believe that
The town will change and won't stay as-is

Those people who come and go
I feel distant
even from the fading commotion
the sighs finish disappearing

I gaze at that empty spot
On this boring holiday
You are in my heart forever

I pretend like I don't know
I have been addicted to him
Someone's feeling of love
Even if his profile is nice

I was told that the calm season is over
The differently colored memories gather
For those people, love ends in goodbye
Their eyes waver

How long
will he be near me?
So, I will keep time for how long this feeling lasts

It is like a wave, it's calm and then retreats
this heart was carried off

Today, the town remains surrounded
Each of us go our separate ways...
For those people, love ends in goodbye
We yearn for love, though it is far away, like the sky
Our eyes waver

I split a sigh at the changing row of houses
(Translated by Brock1)

L'arc-en-ciel has, is, and always will be my favorite J-rock band!!!!!!

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