September 16, 2010

RPGHero's Jpop video of the Night!

Toumei Datta Sekai by Hata Motohiro
Also the current opening of Naruto! And the insert song of my life...

What did I really lose on that day?
I forgot long ago

We lost sight of each other in the twilight
What's more; we were unable to return

Somewhere our brittle, broken hearts
Try to hide behind strong words
Try to hide

Farewell, although we couldn't be together
We will carry on
Even in a world where you no longer exist, I will run
Passing through each day's pain
Passing through

The scent of grass of the broken glass in the “wounded” summer
Hey, where are you now?

In the time you have hated muddy water which was clean before
I have grown up

The reflection from the surface of the water was wobbling
Even now, the light still shines
The light still shines

Farewell, we waved hands that day
What had changed you
And yet, I’m still living
Overcoming my urge to cry in the night

What did I really lose on that day?

Farewell, although we couldn't be together
We will carry on
I’ll make the world run
Someday when I see through the future
Seeing through 

Lyrics posted by Ryan85 on JpopAsia

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