September 17, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is OUT

The legendary Kingdom Hearts series is back with it's latest installment, "Birth By Sleep".

The series had been legendary from it's beginning with Kingdom Hearts (1). Within the game they combined aspects and characters of Final Fantasy with aspects and characters of various Disney movies. It had come out at a time when I was abandoning Disney movies to save face with my high school persona. However with this new mix I found that Disney movies are pretty cool. I can sing little Mermaid songs and name all the seven dwarfs if only because they existed in the same world as Cloud and Leon from Final Fantasy 7 and 8. The main character, Sora who's 14, was flung from his world into the world of Disney characters and allied with Donald and Goofy in order to find his friends...

Then with Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora got older (he's 16 now) and his voice got deeper. His adventure continued in his quest to find his friends Riku and Kairi. The themes in this game got alittle more complicated and focused on some heavy things like existentialism, hypocrasy, and paradoxes. I really should play the whole game again it was that intense.

Now Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is out. Within this game the story follows the Keyblade masters before Sora who were also guided by Mickey. And yes, there's still many Disney worlds and characters who play very big parts in this RPG. I'm looking forward to it if the themes are anything like those in KH2.

This PSP release is definitely building to a large scale PS3 release continuing Sora's story probably in his twenties (he'll at least be 18 if they follow the two year skip pattern), long down the road (which is slated for release in a within a year or two).

Go get it!

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