September 17, 2010

Clannad :::Anime Recommendation:::

Hello fellow bloggers! Interesting... how it took me this long to recommend my FAVORITE anime: Clannad! yay! :)

We all know what school is like: There are different personalities here and there, fun and funny moments we can never forget, as well as relationships that last forever. Clannad is a masterpiece by Key, filled with almost an infinite amount of heart-warming and amazing KMM (especially in the second season). But it's not as normal as you think. Created by the famous Jun Maeda (the co-founder), who I have the deepest respect for, it's filled with psychological moments that will leave you in awe, in tears, and on your knees.

The first season of Clannad is basically like a normal life of an average teenager at school who plans to waste his days living day to day poorly, skipping classes, and just not making the best of what's in front of him. After he meets Nagisa, he realizes his life isn't as dull as he once thought, and he begins to open up to the possibilities.

The second season (although I can't give you too much detail) blew me away. The first season built up to the second season perfectly and Clannad After Story remains to be one of the highest ranked animes on (currently #5).

Very slight spoiler (nothing too drastic):
Clannad After Story has been the first anime I've seen that takes you from high school to graduation and then after that! (Hence why it's called "After Story"...)

So it may seem like a normal school anime but... What if... What if there was a parallel universe that... *ahem* Sorry, almost spilled some important details =P. If you wanted to know what I was going to say, you're going to have to watch Clannad to find out! ^^

It is truly touching and I hope everyone has the chance to see the anime that has literally changed my life. It has so much slice of life that it changed my outlook on many things and Kyoto Animation (KyoAni) does such a great job of character design that it's both pleasing to look at the wonderful art as well as watch the story unfold before your eyes to truly define what a masterpiece is. Keep in mind that the title of "My Favorite Anime" does not come lightly. It battled with others on my list until it climbed to the top =P. I felt really vulnerable while watching it because it made me cry a few times... and I don't cry! It wasn't a "I can hold it back" moment. I literally found tears in my eyes (although I wiped them away quickly before they started to climb down my face) and was in awe of the wonderful story portrayed. I liked everything about it--and I hope you do too!

So what are you waiting for? Go watch Clannad! ^^

That's all for today, thanks for reading! :)

Spoiler (2nd Season Opening):
You can watch After Story's opening, which I think is very amazing--to get an idea of the art and masterpiece in it. It doesn't really spoil that much so feel free to watch it if you're still hesitant about watching it or you just want to enjoy another awesome opening! ^^

Here you go:

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