August 5, 2010

Looking for the Twilight Zone in Anime??

Konbanwa fellow otaku. RPGHero here, reporting from... The Twilight Zone.

Just kidding haha.

I know there are many many of us out there who are fans of science fiction. This is a weird world we live in, however only weird in a bad way. But the stories of science fiction are strangely different, like the remedy. How many of you have played Chrono Cross?

and liked the feeling of being a teenager who traveled to his own parallel universe and fixed the distortion to boot?

Well we all like our share of science fiction... Just think about all of the science fiction based titles out there.

There's "Full Metal Alchemist"

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is an awesome series and there are many elements of science fiction within. In the new Brotherhood series they are still dealing with alchemy and a philosopher's stone that can do any alchemy. However all of the Humunculi come from an entity that decided it wanted to become a perfect existence. Definitely sci-fi masterpiece worthy.

Then "Chobits"

One big thing about the future is the possibility of humanoid robots that will begin to have emotions. This is the theme of chobits!

If you like Chobits then you'll like "Time of Eve"

Time of Eve is like Chobits but the emotional intelligence needed to watch and comprehend the plot is alittle bit higher. For older viewers only because prejudice is more of a theme mixed in with the humanoid robot theory.

If you haven't watched "Akira" you should either watch it now or stop being a serious anime fan

Akira is a sci fi movie with different themes, basically ESP and a futuristic setting. This is definitely for older audiences because of the graphic and darker quality of the plot. But it is an anime masterpiece and is acclaimed by the industry and by otaku at large!

Two words "Cowboy Bebop"

If Akira is a masterpiece than Cowboy Bebop is in the same league if not higher! Sci fi? Yes, Futuristic. Want to visit Mars and see the skyline at night? Look no further. This show is one for everyone's personal collection. Definitely buy it because every show involves themes that every educated otaku can take to heart!

Other titles you must check out are "Ghost in a Shell", "Paprika", "Code Geass", "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and "Final Fantasy Spirits Within", etc.

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