July 29, 2010

Touhou 12.8 Announced!!

ZUN, our loveable drunk and creator of the Touhou series of internet stardom has announced that Touhou 12.8 ~ Yousei Daisensou [The Great Fairy Wars] will be released at Japan's Comiket convention! Since Touhou 12.3's release last year, it felt like 2010 would be the year without a danmaku, but our prayers have been answered.

And that's not the best news by far. The star of Touhou 12.8 is none other than the strongest fairy in Gensokyou, our beloved genius Cirno!!

The story of Touhou 12.8 is supposedly based on the manga "Touhou Sangetsusei ~Strange and Bright Nature Diety," written by ZUN himself. The gameplay of Touhou 12.8 is different from integer installments in that Cirno has the ability to freeze bullets.

I would assume that dodging bullets or attacking bosses isn't even necessary either, seeing as Cirno is most powerful. All you need to do is unleash some Maru Kyuu Fever!

Touhou 12.8 (AKA Touhou 12.⑨) is scheduled to release at Comiket 78 in August.


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