September 6, 2017

Megaman X: Zero Reminds us of our Self-Esteem

"Zero quickly puts his skills to good use, pushing back against the Neo Arcadians and making life better for humanity. As Zero grows accustomed to his new life, he takes up the fight once more. He opens up, getting to know and learning to trust his new friends, almost like a family. This is the place where he belongs, because he is needed and valued. It doesn’t matter if he still struggles to believe in himself, because now he believes in them. And that belief, that selflessness, grants peace of mind. Self-loathing is still self-oriented. It’s one thing to accept your flaws, but it’s another thing entirely to let them go and to be what other people need you to be."
Read the rest at GameChurch's blog

IMO, Zero is a great character to choose and then only say you're examining MegamanX where he saves blue Megaman at the first and only story part of the game. If Zero seems like he doubts himself, how much more blue megaman, right? No, wrong. Way wrong. Blue megaman is the least doubtful character in the Megaman series. Not because he loses at the beginning of MegamanX but because he is a video game character. Even if you, the player, lost.

"You will start over with Blue Megaman and in fact, many experienced gamers have attested to being super able to beat that one Sigma prototype (even on the first play), the new creation of Dr. Wily flinging itself from an unbelievable fleet craft, and so only then... would not need Zero's help.

Maybe we got more emotional (together) in our Megaman X, Let's Play episode ^ 


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