June 30, 2017

Store Review : DAISO (Little Tokyo District, Los Angeles)

I've heard of Daiso from friends and all the cool things they bought there. I was a little jealous they got to have a nice and affordable place to buy stuff from Japan at, to be honest. I decided the next time I went to California, I was going to Daiso. Well, earlier this year, I had to make an emergency visit to my mom in Cali. Near the end of my first visit, I got my chance to go to Daiso before flying back to Oklahoma for a couple weeks. 

First of all, it is pretty awesome in the shop! It's very bright and the cool thing is that everything is $1.50 unless the tag says something else. I saw so much stuff I wanted, but since I only had a limited amount of space keft in my suitcases, I just got a few things. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures inside or else there would be a good amount of them here. They have nearly everything here...Dishes, pillows, snacks, cleaning and gardening supplies and even makeup!  Definitely check out a Daiso if you haven't yet. 
Items I bought:
Reusable Shopping Bag

Fuujin & Raijin Folding Fan

Black Cat Neck Pillow

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