September 9, 2016

Album Review: Fire Bird - Miyavi

Miyavi's latest album Fire Bird was released on August 31! I decided to preview it on iTunes before buying so I could pick my favorites. I don't know why I was thinking it would be like his earlier albums (Gagaku, for example), so  I was caught off-guard when I heard the track samples. I didn't know what to think at first, so I waited a few days before listening again. I saw YouTube had the album posted by Universal Music, so I decided to listen to it that way so I could hear the full songs. It's still weird to hear this style from Miyavi, but I kinda like it. I didn't feel that his vocals were as strong as previous albums which is why I wasn't sure how I felt at first and why this isn't my favorite album by him, but I'm sure it will grow on me. 

I think my favorite track is "Afraid to Be Cool" though "She Don't Know How To Dance" is also a good one. :)

I plan on getting my favorite songs first and get the full album at a later time so I can get the track "Epic Swing" on iTunes. Curious about the full track list for Fire Bird? Here it is!

1: Another World
2: Fire Bird
3: Dim It (feat. Rosie Bones)
4: Raise Me Up
5: You Know It's Love
6: Afraid To Be Cool
7: She don't Know How To Dance
8: Steal the Sun
9: Long Nights
10: Hallelujah
11: Epic Swing

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