October 8, 2016

Horror Movies from Japan - Part 1

It's Halloween season, so that means horror movies! Or, in this case, Japanese horror movies! This week, I watched Keitai Kareshi and POV: A Cursed Film. 

Keitai Kareshi (Mobile Boyfriend) is about an app where girls can make their ideal boyfriend and exchange texts with him. The game is over when you reach 0% or 100% on the Love Meter. Doesn't sound so bad, right? What makes it scary is that if it's game over, the player dies. 

You can have your boyfriend taken by other girls if your love meter is too low which is pretty awesome as that could save your life.  

Another thing that makes it scary is the faces of the boyfriends. The're so creepy, I was pretty close to giving up on watching this. Trust me, they're more creepy than the opening music.  

Level of Japanese in this movie is beginner-intermediate, so it's easy to understand without the subtitles. If you want to see blood, there's not much of that in this movie. It may also put people off otome games or cause people to play them more depending on the person. CG in this is pretty bad, so some parts are more funny than scary. I'd say more, but I don't want to give away any of the good parts. ^x^

The second movie is called POV: A Cursed Film which is a bit like home video footage that's being recorded by the crew of the web show that the main characters are on. 

One of the girls is being haunted by the spirits of her old junior high, so they go there to try to get rid of them with the help of a psychic. Things are pretty much normal until dark when crazy things start to happen. If ghost hunting is your thing, I'd say give this movie a shot.

There's disclaimers at the beginning to scare viewers, but that's how most movies like this start out. Again, no blood in this movie. Subtitles are necessary, though they're not very good...the person who added them thought they would use numbers to replace letters and question marks, sometimes making the subs more scary than the ghosts.

Anyway, if you like these types of movies, it's pretty good. It does start out slow at first, but got chills later in the story. I think it would be scary to watch it in the dark, which is NOT what I did. Sorry, I'm a scaredy-cat. ^^;;

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