July 10, 2016

NHK World TV - News and more from Japan

I think it’s safe to say that most of us want to go to Japan someday.  Anime and manga is a big thing for us, but the history and culture of the amazing country that gave us our obsessions is something we should learn before our trip. My recommendation would be NHK World TV. There’s shows about pretty much everything from Kabuki to robotics. What makes this app really cool is that it’s free AND there’s no ads. You can also watch from your home computer or laptop, so so smartphone or tablet is needed. ^,^

NHK Newsline is the main program. It broadcasts every half hour on Mondays-Fridays  which covers news from around the world as well as Japan.

Japanology Plus covers things that are uniquely Japanese or foreigners that have made Japan their home.

Core Kyoto talks about things and people that originated in Kyoto.

Journeys in Japan talks about the different cities and towns of Japan and what makes them special.

Tokyo Eye 2020 talks about the preparations for the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics. .

For music, J-Melo is definitely the go-to program for j-pop and j-rock. It's also my favorite show~

Kawaii International is for anything and everything Kawaii.

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