April 21, 2016

Pierrot's Blade & Soul Experience Pt. 4 : New Moves (and outfits)!

Hello! This week’s post is a big one, though probably mostly words and less pictures since I forgot to take screenshots. Also, the first paragraphs will be switching from I/me/my to we/us every now and again. You’ll know why. ^.^

So, after last week’s post, I had a friend over. I let her play a bit with my character to see if she was interested in joining me in the game. She did a few quests for me and also did chapter 13: A  Bridge Too Far Gone. We headed to a new area called Jadestone Village to find a guy named Pundihay. On the way there, we ran into the blind men from Foshi Pyres. Anh and Sim. They said their friend Nabonsa was taken away by demons, so we had to defeat them. The demons were really just some rams wandering the pathway to Jadestone Village, but we went to clear them out anyway. We found some journal pages and gave them to the blind men and headed down to the village. We found Nabonsa there very much alive and eventually went to find Pundihay. He wasn’t hard to find since he was in the tavern.  He told us Jinsoyun went south to Songshu Isle, but the bride was gone. He said the way to get across was by Dragon Pulse, but we didn’t know what that was. He told us to find Old Man Cho so he could teach us. It wasn’t very hard to find, but we wanted to explore a bit. Outside the tavern, we met an old guy who pretty much told us how to run across the water. It’s like the best thing ever, except you burn energy and will fall into the water if you run out.

We made it to Old Man Cho’s place, but he didn’t seem like he wanted to take us until he noticed the Black Rose mark Jinsoyun left on me. He pretty much made me carry water and find wood for him to make sure I wouldn’t die when he teaches me how to ride the Dragon Pulses. Unfortunately, he didn’t teach me because of my chi being blocked. Instead, he told me to find the Eight Masters to help me unblock it, but he needed me to get him some alcohol from the Lakeside Cache first.

Chapter 14: Drinking Problems sounded easy enough, but the system told us we couldn’t go into that area without another player. Since we were only using my character at the time, we decided to go back to Gloomdross forest to train with Hajoon. It was going well until we had to leave the game because of server maintenance. Thankfully, there was an announcement about half an hour before to give us time to finish our lesson. We ended there for the night.

On Sunday, my friend was over again, but this time she was starting out with her own character. I decided I would help her out, but it turns out I can’t follow her in her storyline for some reason. Since we haven’t really figured out all the controls and options, that’s probably why. My poor laptop can’t really handle Blade and Soul, so I kept getting disconnected from the server whenever I would try to follow her into certain areas. Thankfully, she really didn’t need me and made it to Chapter 10 already. ^.^

I went back online Monday night and decided to explore Jadestone and do some quests. I only went on for an hour or so, but I ended up doing a quest where I had to take a flyer to someone in a random shack on the pond. I didn't know what it was for, but went anyway. I'm not going to lie, I was surprised to see Blackram pirates and a Bamboo Guard all in the same room without killing each other. I had to talk to the captain who gave me the Blackram pirate uniform, but only if I beat up the Bamboo Guard. As much as I like the guard, I couldn't pass up a free outfit. After hitting the poor guard a few times, the captain told me to stop since I was tough enough to join them. I became a pirate and I’m still part of the Bamboo Guard! ^.~

My new Blackram ourfit

I stopped there since I was tired, but. I was off yesterday and figured I would spend the day playing. I went back to Gloomdross since I still had things to do there, like train with Hajoon in the Dreamdrift and the Goldleaf Foundry. I learned some useful moves, but...Hajoon.

Hajoon had a black rose mark and was dying. Every time we would meet for practice, he would look worse. The Goldleaf Foundry was our last lesson before he faded away. I didn't like him much at first, but he grew on me with the lessons. I went to pay respects to him in Jadestone village and found out he left me a note. It told me where to find a gift from Hajoon which was his journal and the Masked Hongmoon uniform. I was happy about a new outfit, but sad that a friend of my character had died.

After I finished being sad, I decided to take on Chapter 14 on my own. It was a bit difficult getting past the froggy creatures, but once I defeated them, I went and beat up Old Man Cho’s student since he was drinking the alcohol hidden in that cave. There was another room where I had to defeat a giant scorpion which was some guy’s pet. I tried to take it on, but that is most likely going to take another person to help me. I died twice trying to kill it.

Anyway, I started Chapter 15: Grin and Bear It immediately after leaving the Lakeside Cache which was pretty much me killing some bears and giving Old Man Cho the meat in Croaker Lagoon so he could eat it with his drink. There wasn't much else to that, so moving onto the next chapter was easy.

Chapter 16 had me going into the Cave of Mastery with Hansu, the leader of the Cerulean Order. He said he would lead me through, but only took me up to a wall of fire which he put out and told me to continue on by myself to find the eight masters. I pretty much had to fight training dummies. When I made it to the end. I fell through the floor and into a room where the eight masters were meeting. Unsurprisingly, most of them didn't believe I was the one from a prophecy master Madun had. When I completed that chapter, Old Man Cho FINALLY told me I could use the Dragon Pulses to get around. They seriously make things so much easier. The animation for the pulse-riding is pretty awesome, too. Dragon Pulses are definitely the way to travel.

In Chapter 17, I was tested again by the masters. Since I’m a Blade Master, I had to speak to Gunma the Starblade before meeting with Hansu of the Cerulean Order again This time he attacked me and then stopped so he could lead me to the Gate of Heaven. He cleared the wall away and left me there to fight more dummies. They were tougher than the last ones, but still easy. I made it out expecting to be done, but I ended up meeting Sansu, leader of the Crimson Legion, which I joined when I first started. He also fought me a bit but stopped to lead me to the Gate of Hell. He cleared a wall of air or smoke and then wind strides away just like Hansu did. I really wasn't shocked to find out I was going to be fighting more dummies again, but I was getting a bit annoyed with it.  Once I made it out of there, I talked to Gunma who said there's nothing more the masters can do for me but I can now improve my moves in my Martial Tome. The chapter ended after Old Man Cho explained how to use the Martial Tome since I’m lost on how to use it.   I also got a new outfit, though it’s not my favorite.

Chapter 18: Shroom to Grow was simple. Old man cho said me to go see someone by a hut for some medicine to help me get better from Jinsoyun’s attack on me earlier. The medicine man said he was going to give me some poisonous mushrooms, but since he didn't have enough, I had to get some. After eating them, it was pretty much done.Another easy chapter, but the next one? The medicine man said a letter came from someone in Jadestone Village who knew me and that it was urgent that I return. I really couldn’t think of anyone who knew me in the village except Old Man Cho, but I figured he would be somewhere in  the Croaker Lagoon  or Cave of Mastery area where I last saw him. I really wanted to explore the new area since I can now ride Dragon Pulses, but I figured I should see what’s going on in Jadestone. I know i could have completely ignored it, but I was curious to find out who the letter was from, so I started Chapter 19.

When I reached Jadestone Village, I found it being taken over by revenants and jiangshi. I went after a few, but about three came at me at once and killed me. I reappeared around the area I came from, but I decided to just run around the enemies and straight to where the story mark was telling me to go. I found out it was Pundihay who sent me the letter. Of course, he had me take on the revenants and jiangshi, but after I did that and returned I found out the worst news. Nekuro IS NOT DEAD!!! In case you don’t remember, Nekuro is the undead necromancer guy that was causing trouble in the Defiled Tomb in Moonshade Cemetery.  Pundihay told me to explore the Plague Hollow for a sign of Nekuro. I already knew I would have to go after him, so I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Thankfully, when I reached him, a member of the Bamboo Guard came in and helped me out. By that, I mean I let him weaken Nekuro so I could finish him off. It worked, so when I made it out of the Hollow, the village was back to normal. I wasn’t very happy with having to fight Nekuro again, so I just went back to where I was with the medicine man. There were a bunch of dragon pulses near that area, so I decided to see where they took me. I didn’t find anything interesting, but I still had fun.

Although I made it through chapter 20, I decided to wait for next week’s post to write about it. This week’s is already long enough.  I'll leave this while you wait. ^.~

Until next time~

Bamboo Guard, Pierrot!

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