April 11, 2016

Miitomo - My New Addiction

Last week, I tried out Miitomo. It was released by Nintendo on March 16th, but I just heard about it through Facebook around two weeks ago from my friends. I decided to see what it was just for fun. It looked harmless...
 It started off with creating my Mii. I love anything with character creations, no matter how simple or complicated it is. The differences with this Mii and the one on the 3DS is that these Miis have QR Codes so you can share your Mii with others and they have voices.
Once that was finished, I was given Miitomo coins and Game Tickets. It was pretty obvious the Miitomo coins were for shopping, but since I was still exploring, I had no idea there was a game called Miitomo Drop until I accidentally tapped one of the Drops. It was a fun little game that reminded me of Plinko from Price is Right, but instead of winning more Miitomo coins, you get candy or a special item of the Drop's Theme, like cats, food, ninjas...things like that. 

After I got some nice clothes for my Mii, I started answering questions from my Mii's friends. Some are between two Miis, but most of the questions are shared with all friends. You can send your Mii to a friend's or your friends will just randomly visit you. I had one friend visit about four times in a row. 
 My favorite thing on Miitomo is taking pictures with Miifoto. I think I enjoy that more than answering questions, really. There's all kinds of backgrounds and poses to choose from, so it takes time to pick the one I want at that moment and if it looks cool with my outfit. I have at least three that I switch though. You can also add stickers, fonts or frames to the Miifotos or even the Miis of your friends.

See? I love taking pictures of my Mii. This is only a pinch of what I actually have. >.>;;

In my opinion, the only downside is that there's not many questions. I've gone through all of them already. I actually finished answering all of them about two days ago, but I still go on every day for more Miifotos. I really am addicted... ^^;;
Interested in being Mii friends? Add me on Twitter! 

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