December 19, 2015

Why is December the Month of Unlikely Couples, by RPGHero

December, Month of Unlikely Couples

Christmas is the best time of the year to fall in love and make a lifelong friend. Everywhere in the real world, they are trying to tell us (otaku!) all that there are many, countless unlikely couples. That is, a pair of people who share love and spend time with each other.

Personally, I've never been in a real loving couple before. I have always wanted to be with someone who would tell me that they would love me and mean it. Love is hard to come by in today's Era and it seems like we're all looking for it, and for happiness.

No two snowflakes are alike, but they're all drops of crystalline water that reflected the sun's light rays from outer space. That's like everyone, reflecting the sun's warmth, but for a drop of water to become a crystal it absorbs some of the sun's light, the atmosphere, and combines it with the particles inside that drop of water. Maybe that's why we all want love and happiness so much.

What about the hungry caterpillar that goes into their chrysalis cocoon and then moment after moment vibrates continuously, making just a little warmth so that it can become a beautiful butterfly?! That's like the constant vibrations and signals we send out daily so that we, people, can find love and happiness in this life.

When Christmas is here, there is so much light and deco that it's hard for anyone to pass up it's majestic beauty. People in the heart of Tokyo just like people in New York City go out or stay in so they can feel the warmth of Christmas. Its not going to be found in a shounen, shoujo, or shounen-ai anime either.

Everyday everyone has the chance to meet someone new. Even someone who might want to fall in love with you. A snowflake or a caterpillar would never try to find love because they have one goal, to be beautiful. People want beauty in life but they pass up the beautiful relationships that are formed every single day, to keep looking for beauty. This December, find an unlikely love, a person, place, or thing that makes you feel warmth and beauty. It is unlikely that you'll ever get this time back in the future and your now Beautiful Self!

~Merry Christmas!~

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