November 1, 2015

Shounen Hero Diaries pt 1: The Ferocious

They say, there is a ferocious eel that lives in the Ocean... It eats whole ships and uses its tongue to pierce the hearts of all the shipmates. That's not all, it breathes out, Land! That is the monster I, Aurora, tamed! My power, in adition to the "Buster Punch", is the Aurora Bomb!
I'm 5'2, my hair color is (a mystery), I wear glasses, favorite number is 42, my favorite food is pizza, and my birthday is July 16th. I was once the nerdiest person in my class. Since I went to regular, private school, I thought there wasn't a way out. Then one night, when I was walking, looking up at the stars. A guy jumped out of the bushes and said, "give me your purse", in a very brash voice!

I got so scared, my mind went blank, and the next thing I knew he was lying in a pool of blood!

"You KO'd this guy" was all I heard, from an intuition deep inside. Then the next thing I heard was even crazier...

"You are the successor of the Kiran!"

Now I'm a Shounen Hero!!!


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