January 7, 2015

Otaku Reviewers Update, Domain Back & More!

Better than the other side of the pillow! Or cat. 

 Hello loyal otaku! We've been on a small hiatus and things have been slow, but good news comes your way!

1. We've restored the domain otakureviewers.com ! You've seen this link on our Youtube Channel, our various other blogs, and across google and the internet. Now it points back to your one and only beloved blog for all things Otaku/Video Games.

2. Speaking of our Youtube channel, you should check it out! There are a few really awesome AMVs, and most importantly come watch chansu and RPGHero play video games in our Otaku Let's Play! miniseries. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you might get next!

Mystical Ninja 3 - Watch us pummel the Giant Head of Doom

3. Do you know about Adventure Second Prime, our Original English Language novel? If you do, thanks for supporting Emery Acer and his team of Adventure seeking super-powered teens! If not, then what are you waiting for, check it out! Links on the left-hand bar (or Here), purchase a Kindle copy on Amazon or support us by checking out Wattpad! (Word has it there's a special Otaku Reviewers exclusive project in the works!)

You may have thought we were gonna take it easy in 2015, but watch out! The Otaku Reviewers make a comeback!!

2girls 6+boys aldariss beard brothers cigarette crossed_swords earrings facial_hair facial_tattoo father_and_son goggles_on_hat grandfather_and_grandson grin hat jewelry monkey_d_dragon monkey_d_garp monkey_d_luffy monochrome multiple_boys multiple_girls nami necklace necktie nico_robin one-eyed one_piece portgas_d_ace reflection roronoa_zoro sanji scar scar_across_eye shanks short_hair siblings smile smoking solo_focus straw_hat sunglasses sunglasses_on_head tattoo tony_tony_chopper usopp


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