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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like It {S2} 13

Hey All, another installment of Vocaloid music to top the charts of your musical palette! Anyway, reach for your goals and hang onto your sad memories, because they make you who you are!


No that wasn't just a random inspirational pep-talk, it's the theme of the two songs that I'm about to introduce. What does flying have to do with finding new love? What about your childhood dreams, and your childhood crush?

Some of the top producers for the finale to Season 2! Check it out!!

How do you remember your childhood? When you were in grade school, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you ever reach that goal? Was it because you kept your hands outstretched to the future?

This is a Jin produced song, not part of the Kagerou Project series that he is known for. "Sky of Beginning" is both uplifting and self-illuminating: wherever you are and whatever you're doing in life, this will still have an impact on you. Jin just likes using flying as a nice metaphor.

"One day, one day,
I'd reach out my hand,
wondering if I'd ever reach that sky"

Hatsune Miku feat. Jin - Sky of Beginning

If you were a fan of "Just be friends" the catchy Dixie Flatline song featured in Vocaloid Track Season 1, then you either already know, or will love this. The man behind the Luka original has come back to produce an "Answer" to his hit song, called just that -- "Answer." Released at Anime Expo in LA (we were there), "Answer" is more of an introspective piece than its predecessor.

Those of us who have felt heartbreak and have relationships that ended, is there a continuation to our story too? I guess you can be the judge of that! Don't let go of your past, because it's a powerful tool to unlocking the future...

"I don't regret anything,
I just suddenly think,
of a world where everything went well"

Megurine Luka feat. Dixie Flatline - Answer

While I love the Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like it series, this is probably the end of the second Series! It's been a great run, and you'd best look forward to a third series later in life. My love of Vocaloid music is still strong, and my experiences in Japan will help me learn more about the culture, music, and otaku details that we love!



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What is a Diesel Moment?

A DIESEL moment is not a sad moment it's a moment where a character STAKES their future against their past and CHANGE happens, usually for the better, no matter the COST. And may or may not be in a fight with a Bad Guy.

*Diesel is a term RPGHero coined, most likely watching One Piece.