August 18, 2012

Top 10 (Otaku) Things to do Before School Starts!

School is starting soon and here at the Otaku Reviewers we feel your pain. It's also a time of excitement to see how everyone has changed. But before school starts, there is still some summer left. Even if school's started you can still enjoy summer with our Top 10 (Otaku) things to do before the summer ends.
Countdown to summer, after the jump!

10. Go to the beach or to the park
What is summer without a day at the beach or a day at the park? You might look back at this year's summer and regret that you haven't been in the sun for more than 15 minutes. If you're an otaku, this might describe you.

You don't want to regret not spending time outside but that's not very important and that's why it's number 10.

9. Read a manga
If you're really going back to school, your teachers are going to force you to read textbooks. There's no better way to pre-game for actual reading than by picking up a copy of your favorite manga.

So if you have manga in your collection you've left for another time, why don't you pick them up?

8. Take a nap during the daytime
You might as well. Be as lazy as possible before school starts again, it will help you get back in the game when you have to go back to school.

Or you could just sleep in class...

7. Go stargazing
There are so many things within this activity that you can do!
1. Make a wish on a star
2. Stargaze with a friend
3. Listen to music
4. Think about something
5. Plan a date around stargazing.

The summer is a great time to go stargazing!

6. Play video games for a whole day (or most of it)

Nothing says vacation like playing your favorite video games for more than 3 hours in one sitting. It's wise to stock up on snacks and beverages to have on hand while you're playing video games. You'll really regret it once school starts if you don't at least do this 5 times on 5 different days.

5. Plan your next anime convention
Check out this cool website:
They have a schedule of every convention in the North American area and they also have some info on international conventions in Europe and beyond. If you've never been to a convention you should start planning your next vacation... There aren't that many winter conventions but it's worth it to take a look and see. You never know, there might be a fall or winter convention that you might want to go to!

Long Live Otakudom!

4. Stock up on Otaku goods
Stock up on everything from snacks, manga, anime, to gadgets. They'll come in handy on the weekend. There's another cool website called

They have a lot of lucky charms which is pretty cool. If you want your school year to be more lucky then you couldn't go wrong with them. Remember my oldest post about my lucky charm?

There's also J-list which is a pretty cool place to stock up.

3. Update your jpop music library
There's another cool website:
They have almost every anime jpop song ever available for download. Just search their music and update your ipod! You'll have to register but they're a free website.

Itunes is also pretty cool if you want to support your favorite jpop artists. Just search for them in the Itunes store!

2. Have an anime watching party
Everyday of summer is the perfect day to watch anime. You can do this by yourself or invite friends over. Make sure to have snacks and beverages! Remember there's anime on netflix, hulu, and crunchyroll!

You could be watching trashy reality TV but you're not. You're using your time wisely and go you!

Check out our anime recommendations on the right sidebar!

1. Remember that Christmas is only four months from September
That is pretty cool isn't it???
Christmas is just around the corner!

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