August 22, 2012

B'z Conquers America - Jpop Songs Recommendation

Have you ever heard of the Jrock group, B'z?

Chances are the answer is yes.
And if not, you should expand your Jpop library. And here's the perfect time!

My favorite song from their English selection!

B'z autographs their square on the Hollywood walk!
B'z has been around since 1988. They've been around long enough to sing Christmas songs, 90's Ballads (Like the one a few posts below), and new age hard rock. They have their own Hollywood walk square in Cali!

Also, B'z has a tour coming up very soon for North America. They will perform in NYC on September 30th! Buy your tickets now because you don't know how soon they'll sell out!

Will there be a Otaku Reviewers review of the concert? Just stay tuned!

Currently on Itunes you can buy some of their English songs. The songs I recommend from the Itunes selection are:

Ultra Soul
Into Free -Dangan-

All of these are very energetic rock songs that you can play in your car! Or when working out! Or just jamming out! And they're all on Itunes! The links might show you Japanese songs but all of their North American itunes songs are in English. Though I would like to see some of their Japanese songs here on Itunes.

They're going to perform in:  San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Silver Spring, New York City, and Lost Angeles. Get your tickets before they sell out!
B'z -- Juice

They also performed with Aerosmith!!!

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