July 28, 2011

:::Otakon Expectations:::

PhotobucketFlash News!

If you didn't already know, the Otaku Reviewers are going to Otakon 2011 in Baltimore, Maryland!!

A plethora of exciting events await!  Hauu~

Join me as I ruminate by clicking "Read More"!

To start off the exciting weekend we have CHEMISTRY performing a live concert that will surely blow us away!  Judging from the Purple Sky interview with CHEMISTRY it seems they're going to be performing something anime related which will be tons of fun because I've always been a fan--especially for their FMA Brotherhood opening:  Period.

You can watch it here:

And so CHEMISTRY takes the floor Friday night while the AMV Contest is the main event (at least for me) on Saturday.  The AMV Contest runs on Friday as well but overlaps with the CHEMISTRY concert... and I mean, honestly...  I'd much rather see a free live concert with someone who played a part in making an anime than just watching fan-made compilations of anime clips (as much as I love them).  I just hope that we get good seats =P.

Speaking of concerts it seems that the K-On! Seiyuus (Voice Actresses) are also going to be performing the Japaense K-On! songs (from Season 1)... unfortunately it's the English Seiyuu's who are singing... but at least it's in Japanese, right? =P.

Another interesting musical guest is Hiroaki Yuri who apparently has played a part in the music for the movie: 
The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya!  Having just seen it I feel as if it is the greatest anime movie of all time!  And MAL agrees with me too!  Look--it's number 1! =P.  (Expect a review on it shortly... ^^)

And, while I do not know much about them, there are also KYLEE and DJ Saolilith that seem interesting...

And besides music, there are a plethora of other wondrous otaku-related phenomenon to explore and participate in... such as the Gaming Room, the Panels, and the anime/movie premieres!

The Gaming Room has many tournaments--but the one the Otaku Reviewers are all excited about is the SSBB (Super Smash Brothers Brawl) Tournament!  I'm a little rusty but I'm still going to give it a go!  Perhaps, if luck is with us, you'll be seeing pictures of a SSBB trophy very soon!  =P.

And now for the Panel section.  We all know that every convention has them and that they're all tons of fun, especially with a huge group of like-minded otakus!  It's always hard to prioritize which panels to go to--and some are dictated by the huge lines that are inevitable--but these three panels I felt were really cool and I really want to go to them.  They are Otakon-hosted which means it's not fan-made or guest-related... which also means that there will probably be huge lines for these so we have to get on line early if you want to see some reviews...  So here they are:

Iron Editor
Otaku Idol
Otakon Game Show

(I think they're pretty self-explanatory but I gave you the links anyway lol...)

And now for another highlight of The Otakon Experience:  Premieres!

There are 3 great premieres that I'm looking forward to:

The first one is:

Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (Movie) + Q&A with the famous Makoto Shinkai himself!

It seems like a good, Ghibli-style movie but let's see if it lives up to my expectations... I hated 2/3s of "5 Centimeters Per Second" so I'm not a huge fan of Makoto Shinkai but I'm giving him a second chance and hopefully this movie will change my mind...

The second one is probably the most exciting one (for me anyway):

Majou Shoujo Madoka Magica (Anime) (Read my review)
+ Q&A with the Aniplex Producer Atsuhiro Iwakami himself!

Although I've already seen the anime... twice... I've always wanted to meet the mad genius who practically created the new genre known as psychological / magical girl!   So I can't wait for the Q&A part of it...

And the last one is:

FMA:  The Sacred Star of Milos (Movie)
+ Q&A with the guy who directed Code Geass & Pokemon:  Kazuya Murata!

This is quite exciting as well--I absolutely loved the anime so I hope this movie doesn't diminish my impression of it.  I have high hopes for this movie and I'm quite confident that it will be a success.

And there is also the premiere of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya at Otakon... but sadly/unfortunately/resentfully it's going to be shown with the dreaded Dubs...  and although I'd love to rewatch it with other Haruhi fans I think my ears would bleed if I heard the English version of Haruhi or Yuki... so I can't take any chances... unless they decide to sub it at the last minute... *crosses fingers*.

...And!  *Pant* *Pant*... It doesn't end there!  There's the Rave, the Karaoke & Otacafe, a wide variety of workshops, a hall costume contest, fashion shows, and last but not least--a HUGE MANGA LIBRARY!

PhotobucketPair all this up with a very warm otaku crowd and fellow cosplayers and you've got the equivalent of paradise!  Oh--I almost forgot!  That brings me to other great news!  Chansu, RPGHero, and I (Deretsun) will all be cosplaying in anime & Kigurumi costumes this weekend!  So if you've ever wanted to see the Otaku Reviewers you might finally have a chance!...(if we think the pictures are good + only if Shiyu-chan (our mascot) approves... >.>)

Wow, what a wide array of activities this weekend!  Hopefully we can go to them all!  I have a feeling we'll be swept left and right and our schedules will melt away but at least we'll be guaranteed to have the time of our lives!

There is much to expect at Otakon, and as fans/readers/passersby you can expect us to give a detailed review on this international phenomenon known as Otakon.  I can't believe it opens in 32 hours and 25 minutes...!--but who's counting? =P

Well that's all for now!  Stay tuned for more Otakon news, awesome posts, and information on our latest FREE GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

Thanks for reading! ^^

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