April 3, 2011

::: Anime Recs (大5) :::

Hello everyone and welcome to Anime Recommendations (大5 ::: Dai 5 ::: Big 5)!
In this post I will recommend two Half-Season Animes, one Full-Season Anime, and two Movies!

(Occasionally you may you see more of these!)

So without further ado, はみえましょう! (Let's begin!)

::: Half Season :::

First off is Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica from Winter Season!

What would you do if a familiar walked up to you, said you were pretty much the "chosen one" and offered you a wish. And in exchange of accepting this offer you were also granted magical powers and had to fight against evil for the rest of your lives! Sounds like a great deal, right!? Now you can live like a hero, just like from your favorite manga or anime!

...That's what you might think at first. But becoming a Puella Magi is nothing to be excited about. Cold and dark futures await those who are willing to sacrifice their souls for one wish.

Perhaps this is a test on humanity. What will happen if that one wish is used for someone else's benefit? Will you continue to fight for that one wish for the rest of your life!?

This magical girl anime is not your typical magical girl anime! No--quite far from it actually. This masterpiece by Shaft offers a psychological story about two girls who are offered one wish each at the cost of becoming a Puella Magi.

Will they fall into the trap of despair? Or will they continue to stand idly by as witches devour people before their eyes? Will they continue to live life without any purpose? Or will they choose to protect those who are close to them? What consequences does their choice have?

Cause, and effect. Watch it, and you will find out =P.
My Personal Experience:

As soon as I started watching this I knew it wasn't going to be a normal anime. The production and psychological aspects were very high quality. And with just 10 episodes it has made it to Rank #54 in myanimelist.net for top animes. Sadly, due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Madoka production has been suspended for a while. But the remaining two episodes will come, so don't worry!

(7/20/11 - edit: a while ago the last two episodes came out and now Madoka stands as #18 on MAL.)

This anime is hard to watch all in one go, and I recommend you take breaks after every one or two episodes. It is very heavy and I have come to call it "Dark Key Magic".

If you think you can handle it, I highly recommend Madoka Magica for anyone who likes psychological and unique stories. Madoka Magica is unlike anything I have ever seen. Give it a try ^^.


Sorry, I couldn't find a decent opening for Madoka, but to make it up to you, here are two fan-made Madoka cross openings!


Secondly we have Fractale from Winter Season!

What would you do in a futuristic age with no war or strife? Would you succumb to the rules of that utopia? Or would you want freedom in that dystopia?

Fractale is a cute anime with a deeper underlying analysis of a dystopic society. The world has become disconnected through the use of doppels and implanted terminals. Brainwashed by the program--is this what peace truly should be like? Shouldn't peace be achieved naturally? What good is it if the peace is forced upon humanity?

If you like sci-fi and adventure, then this anime may be for you! ^^

My Personal Experience:

When I first saw the first episode of this series I thought it wasn't very interesting and had some animation flaws. Then again, how many anime actually start off with good first episodes?

I was right in continuing, because the second episode proved me wrong right away. The anime suddenly got interesting and I was hooked.


Note: If you don't know what a fractal is, I suggest you look it up. (Or click here for you lazy people =P). My take on this anime is that just how a fractal seems to be repetitive and infinite, the Fractale system is just as mundane and dystopic, life just goes on with the same outcome. Of course, you're welcome to form your own conclusions--but my point is, this opening is not just for show.

Note2: The ending song for this anime is terrible, beware.

::: Full Season :::

For the full season category I have picked Bakuman to recommend!

Have you ever wanted to draw manga? Or perhaps you've atleast been curious to have manga was made? If so, this is a MUST WATCH!

Bakuman is about two 9th grade students who become a mangaka duo and strive to fulfill their dreams! (Note: I'm trying not to spoil much of the first episode, so bear with me).

This shounen story is great and much more fast paced then you might expect. There is suspense, plot twists, romance, and even comedy in this wonderful series!

Will they fulfill their dreams, or will they trip on the obstacles before them? You'll have to watch Bakuman to find out!
My Personal Experience:

From the very first episode I could tell that this was a good anime. Extremely unique and surprisingly exciting, this anime is one that keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting for more.

I highly recommend this to any anime or manga fan out there. You won't be disappointed ^^.


Sorry, this was the best opening I could find.


::: Movies :::

The first movie I'm recommending is Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time)!

What would you do with the power to leap through time? Would you use it for your own benefit, or would you use it to change the world?

This cute movie is about a girl who discovers a way to literally "leap" back in time (see picture =P).

As she uses her powers for her own benefit she soon learns that the past and future are dangerous forces to be reckoned with. As she discovers the complexity of time she soon realizes that she has to rely on her newfounded powers to help shape the futures of her and her friends.

Will she forever doom her and her friends' futures by messing with the past? Or will she be able to fix her mistakes? You'll have to watch it to find out! ^^

The second movie I'm recommending is Uchuu Show e Youkoso (Welcome to the Space Show)!

Chansu had recommended it to me and I absolutely loved it! It's an extremely cute sci-fi adventure about 5 kids in a rural mountain village who go to summer camp, meet and save an alien from death, and use up the wish the alien gave them in return to "go on a field trip as far away from here as possible." Little did they know that the alien would take them all the way up to space!

What kind of adventures will they encounter in the vast expanse of what some may call "dark matter"? Will they ever return to earth? You'll have to watch Uchuu Show e Youkoso to find out! >:)

And with that I finally come to the conclusion of my first (大5) Anime Recommendations post!

Hope you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for reading! ^^,

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