March 4, 2011

Touhou 13 Announced!

Hello denizens! Life is worth living again! And of course you know why, right? You don't?! Well, listen closely, Touhou fans! After two whole years of waiting, we have official word that Touhou 13 is scheduled to release (a playable demo) on March 13th! That's right guys, ZUN is doing it again!!!

"Touhou 13 Divine Eastern Mausoleum ~Ten Desires~" is the newest (whole) numbered installment for the Touhou Project franchise. Various things have been leaked, many of which are fake. But we have official images below:

Along with returning playable characters Reimu, Marisa, and Sanae, there's also a fourth playable, one of which very few saw coming...

Yes, Youmu Konpaku, introduced in Touhou 7! I'm sure you all missed her playableness from Touhou 8 as well, and she's making a grand comeback!

I'm just as excited as everyone else for this game, so hopefully time will pass quickly and we can try this game out for ourselves! It's been a long time coming, and we only have a little longer to wait. The full version of the game will most likely release on Comiket 80. Hang in there guys!


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