February 6, 2011

Bleach is POPPIN!!!

Hey there! RPGHero here with an anime in review post!

This is all about:

The news is that it's getting kinda crazy and whatnot with the final events taking place in this VERY successful anime.

For all you who don't know Bleach is about a freshman or sophomore in high school (depending on if you're talking Japan or America, younger in Japan). He can see ghosts! He uses his talent to help ghosts find comfort. Until he finds out that there are very strong negative ghosts called Hollows! A soul reaper, Rukia, gives him her powers in a last ditch effort to save his life. And he finds that his new powers are really something that he's had all along! Especially since he's super strong as a soul reaper!

Why is Gin embracing Rangiku in Opening 5? (57 seconds into the video)

Ichigo is training to beat Aizen (that powerful wierdo) and we are finally getting to see why in like many openings Rangiku is bloody and damaged... And why Gin is always embracing her like they had a relationship! I won't spoil this one for those that haven't caught up!

"Please smile" he says O.o

"What you mean me? I'm not a powerful wierdo."

But if Aizen did what I think he did to Rangiku. Someone's gotta kick his small rear end. And Ichigo is just the man, I mean boy!

Don't you just want to be Ichigo's best friend?? After watching this ending?

But really that ending really got fangirls in a mood to make youtube videos!
Click here if you like that

But really I want to be his friend too! Stay tuned friends Bleach is heading for the finale! I think...

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