January 29, 2011

Rant by RPGHero

It's been a while guys! I haven't ranted in a long time about nothing in particular... So it's time.

It's been snowing for way too long in New York. I'm waiting patiently for Spring and more importantly the Sakura blossoms of Spring. Better known as Sakura Biyori/Sakura Weather.

But this is where I want to go:
Isn't it beautiful, It's Sakura Park in NYC. It's on the west side of Manhattan.

But imagine what that place must look like now man... Like three feet of snow, I hope that little building doesn't break, I'd like to see the Sakura trees from inside it haha.

I've been having alot of fun shoveling, since I quit my trucker job I'm having all the physical activity I miss. So that's my day basically. I get up watch some anime, go outside and shovel, then go to class. And don't forget coming home and watching something like MM!
Yes! I watch MM! Deretsun. 

You think I was some shounen loving otaku pretending to be a hero? Well that's correct. But I love watching Sado get beat by his sadistic classmate, and since he's a "hardcore masochist" he's in love but he also likes his crush... I want this guy to choose someone haha. He better not just walk away without confessing his love to one of them...

But yeah that's my day. This rant... isn't like the others you say?? 
Well see for yourself... Here's an archive or RPGHero's epic rants they're much longer actually...

And look we're well past 300 posts, you thought you weren't going to get another... Well until 400, Stay cool and keep going in your Hokage dream or your Pirate King dream. Whichever you like.

Then there's Ichigo, just trying to survive against powerful wierdos. Doesn't even have a dream haha. I had to make fun of Bleach at least once.

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