January 17, 2011

"Perfect" Cherry Blossom Trio! [SUPER Touhou Character Profile!] {Part 2}

Yakumo Ran


Ran is the proud owner of Chen. But at the same time she herself is a shikigami and has her own owner. It is very rare for a shikigami to have their own shikigami as well. This alone should be taken as an indication of Ran's strength.

Ran is a shikigami in possession of a nine-tailed fox youkai. In folklore it is said that a fox grows an extra tail every 100 years until it has 9 tails. This means Ran is at least 800 years old! She is a formidable opponent and is the Extra Stage Boss of PCB. Her spell cards reflect her place as one of the strongest shikigami in existence, and her spell card "Shikigami Chen" even calls upon her subordinate to attack!

Ran has the appearance of a human nine-tailed fox. She wears a jester cap to hide her fox ears, and is almost always seen wearing a blue and white robe. When Ran removes her hat, you should run for your life, it is a sign that she's serious. With a threat level of "High," I wouldn't stick around for the carnage that would happen if you were to get in her way!

Ran's name was given to her from her master. In fact, Ran's sole job is to take care of her master's business while she sleeps. It's not a luxurious job, but Ran is just a faithful to her master as Chen is to Ran. Ran also harbors strong feelings of affection for Chen, to the extent that she can't stop praising the bakeneko youkai enough. In fan depictions, Ran is seen screaming out Chen's name in bliss over how cute she is. "Cheeeeeeeeeeeeen!" is one of the most famous memes associated with Ran.

Ran is, in many ways, seen as a complete oddball by her fans. She goes crazy over Chen, to the extent that she has nosebleeds over her cuteness. She's even known as a frequent streaker, (yes, streaker. You read that right) and was hilariously dubbed "Suppatenko" (lit. "Nekkid Heavenly Fox"). If anyone knows why, please tell me. Her most famous spell card is "Princess Tenko," a homage to a famous Japanese magician. I assume the meme's name comes from that spell card...?

Ran is also given less credit than she deserves. Sure, she's just an animal when it comes down to it, but in her shikigami form she's a genius mathematician and the strongest youkai beast in Gensokyo. So what if she likes aburaage (deep fried tofu slices) like foxes do in Japanese folklore? So what if she actually goes shopping in human villages, and gathers attention for merely examining and protecting Gensokyo's borders? I still wouldn't underestimate her. Even if she's very mild-mannered, it really wouldn't be wise to mess with her...


Huh?! Don't tell me you did... that to her?! You... hugged her tails?! This isn't Chen ya know, she's going to destroy you!


*20 minutes later*

I-i-impossible... to beat Ran, you... you can't be an ordinary human! There's no way-

"Who's bold enough to wake me so willfully?"

C-check us out a-again for P-p-p-part 3! I'm outta here!


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