January 2, 2011

Current Survey Information!

You might have looked at our current survey in the sidebar and thought, "I don't know what some of these words mean!".

Well I'm here to clear it all up!

In anime and manga there are some signature character types... Included in our survey are some popular character types in anime.

Tsundere - A character that is a mixture of mean and then nice. One type of tsundere is mean at first and gradually becomes nicer and the other type is mean most of the time but has occasional times when they are nice. See:: The Four Tsundere Wonders

Yandere - A character that is a mixture of gory evilness and niceness/love. See:: ::: When They Cry, Halloween だ!:::

Boke - A character that will usually say stupid things, zone out, or be oblivious to the obvious.
Example: Otani from Lovely Complex

Otani frequently mispronounces english words and is oblivious to many hints from his friends. Though his opposite love interest, Risa, also has her boke moments...

Tsukkomi - The tsukkomi character is opposite the boke character. They are the character that notices the faults of the boke character and points them out frankly to them or to the viewer. In Japan, they play the straightman in the comedy routine.
Example: Tomoya from Clannad

Even in this picture Tomoya is frankly commenting on Fuko's sadness. Tomoya frequently points out others faults so he's an example of the "Tsukkomi" character.

Otaku - Any character that has an extensive interest and hobby dealing with anime, manga, video games, or collectable figures.
See:: Female Otaku Needed for Cosplay

Imouto - Applies to any character that is a younger sister. See:: November :::Tsundere of the Month:::

Shy - A character that is shy or timid.
Example: Hinata from Naruto

Hinata likes Naruto but can never find the right words to tactfully have a conversation with him. It's until she grows older in Naruto Shippuuden that she "opens up to him".

Intelligent - A character that is a tensei (genius) or just plain smart. These characters usually have glasses and frequently adjust them ^^
Example: Ishida Uryuu from Bleach

That's practically all he's got going for him in Bleach. Being smart enough to understand the physics of his flying arrows and the limits of his body.

Outgoing - Applies to any character that is very social or extraverted. I would say it applies to some shounen heroes as well.
Example: Haruhi from The Meloncholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi is pretty outgoing. She singlehandedly starts a club at her school naming it the S.O.S Brigade and proclaims it's to investigate the supernatural and extraterrestial phenomena. She has no problem approaching other clubs to compete with them and no problem bossing around the main guy character, Kyon.

And there you have it!!! Use this guide to vote on our sidebar survey!!

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