November 1, 2010

Otaku Helping Others! Part One!

Hey guys! Halloween is now over so I'm here to start damage control. If you've been reading my comrades posts then you know the yandere personality is scary O.O

But I'm really here to talk about Helping Others! In my new weekly post!

Exactly! I'm here to fly in the face of criticism with more positivity!

Tomoya and Nagisa??

For my first Helping Others article I'm going to discuss a Japanese meme. Well they might not even be aware of it because it's deeply embedded in every facet of their culture.

I'll be listening to a Jpop song or watching an anime and I can't begin to count the number of times I'll hear "Kimi no Tameni". The amount of times I hear that phrase in Japanese programming by far outweighs how many times I hear it's english counterpart, "For your sake" or "I'll help you" in American programming.

It's such a general phrase I can't really include the hundreds of anime or songs that have included it in their dialogue.

Then I started to think. If we all started to think more like that then the world would at least be alittle bit of a better place. We're all trying to figure out how "I'm" going to get by, how "I'm" gonna pay the bills, how "I'm" gonna score with the next person, how "I'm" gonna go to the doctor, how "I'm" gonna beat this next RPG (that one is uniquely RPGHero). Instead of thinking about "number one", our own selfish self we could stand to think about the people around us. Whether they be our family, friends, or just strangers we meet on the road. If we thought about their sake we would be able to do so much more and live for so much more, even if it's just to help them find change for the bus or let them get ahead in line to get their train on time.

So when you start to do whatever it is that gives you purpose and freedom, think about why you're doing it and think about all the people in your life you can say "Kimi no tameni" or "For your sake"!

The ending theme of xxxHolic, a clip from AZU's song "Cherish". The last part is: "If your heart is hurt and the tears won't stop falling, I'll sing for your sake, again and again".

This is RPGHero signing out!

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