November 22, 2010

Otaku Helping Others! Part 4

Today's "Otaku Helping Others!" post is about...

~Making Friends~
Aizen and friends ^^


Tomoya and his true friends ^^

Its easy to make friends, in fact it's  so easy it's hard!

It's not easy in shounen anime,  you know how they say the best romances start off as friends?? Well in shounen the best friendships start off as rivals! That want to kill each other!
When Piccolo and Goku first met Piccolo wanted to rule the world and put humans in slavery. Goku wanted to beat Piccolo and eat a couple dozen turkeys (since Goku is addicted to food). The two later became friends and Goku's son Gohan even thinks of him as an uncle. Especially since Piccolo sacrificed his life for Goku's son later on.

Ichigo and Renji had a similar story. Ichigo wanted to save Rukia from execution but Renji wanted Ichigo to stay out of thier business. After Ichigo kicked his butt the two later became good friends especially because Ichigo saved Rukia who Renji likes. Renji forever remains weak though.

Is it me or does it seem like the more negative rival becomes the weaker person later on... 
Well that's cool but friendship is cooler!

Ooops that one got mixed in with the rest... Some rivals never become friends but remain rivals for an entire series... *Cough* Naruto *Cough*

What about making new friends you say?

Well even introverts can make friends! Take hope my e-friend!
And introverted guys usually meet a girl that wants to be their friend...
 Kyon sat in front of Haruhi at school. She later recruited him to be part of her supernatural/alien awareness club. He was dragged into the situation and made new friends... With an esper, alien, and a time traveler... who joined the club posing as regular students. Kyon later found that Haruhi can change the universe. Lucky!!!

Tomoya met Nagisa walking to school. He is an introverts introvert. He comes with dad problems, poor school attendance, and a lackluster or should I say first-class lack of motivation. He meets a girl who asks him to walk her up the hill to school and the two become best friends and then lovers!

Take heart even if you're not an introvert or fated to meet that special girl. You can still make friends. Let's look at the formula for a lasting friendship!

1. Have common interests!
In Yakitate Japan, Azuma found friends in his co-workers who all share a love of making delicious bread!

2. Have similar goals!
Luffy's crew are all friends who all want to find One Piece and live the pirate life! However the admirals and marines don't like pirates and they're strong... Along with ruthless pirates...

3. Need each others support!
In Tsubasa Chronicles, the band of friends stick together because without each other they may not find their way back to their own dimension. They become friends through their struggle to get to their home dimensions.

\4. Having someone to rag on!
 Jet always listens to Spike's problems. And likes to rag on him from time to time...

5. Possibility of going out!
I think that's the only reason Risa and Otani stayed friends... Even though they argued alot and had height issues.

Chansu and I almost discussed this at length... Does there exist a RED STRING of fate that ties two people together?? Well I really don't know... But I would think that it would make for a lasting friendship. and I don't know this anime...

Hey! If all else fails don't give up! RPGHero is friendless except for a few good people, even if they are just Chansu and Deretsun...

This is RPGHero signing out!!!


  1. Lol, what do you mean "Just" Deretsun =P. And is someone watching Clannad? :D

  2. Friends that help you write a blog are friends for life! Well more than those facebook acquantances that just add another number... Thats what I meant.

  3. haha okay :D

    And are you watching Clannad?

  4. :D that's great! What season/episode are you on?

    Do you like it so far?



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