November 7, 2010

Otaku Helping Others! Part 2

For today's "Otaku Helping Others" post the subject is:

We are otaku. We watch way more anime than the average person. Even if we are busy with work or school we still find time for watching anime. Suprisingly, through all of my anime viewing I've found another meme or concept that links many anime shows and Japanese culture itself. That meme is having a dream or goal.

You might have thought, "what is my dream"? You might have thought of something that you're aspiring toward and then thought, "is my dream worth anything?" or "is my dream beautiful?". And if you're not creating bombs or other destructive material (the creating bombs part was told to me by my mentor) then the Japanese through anime and personality will tell you, "ANY DREAM IS GREAT AND BEAUTIFUL!".

Take Azuma Kamuma from "Yakitate Japan!"
Yakitate Japan is an anime about a teenage boy who aspires to be a bread creator who can create a bread that can be known as Japan's signature bread, like French bread is France's signature bread. But really? Bread? A whole anime dedicated to bread? Well the anime was so thoughtfully created that the making of the bread and the emotions of the people involved are so great that people can't stop watching it! So even if you're dream is to be a baker then you're dream is a honorable one.

What about Onizuka from "Great Teacher Onizuka"
The choice of picture aside. Onizuka aspires to be the greatest teacher in all of Japan. He's got alot of vices (being lazy, a yakuza member, a virgin, a porn watcher, etc) but he puts them all aside to chase after his dream and they don't get in his way. In fact when he's inspired by his dream he inspires his students to be better people!

Naruto is an anime where the character has, "an impossible dream". Most characters that have dreams in anime have impossible dreams. In Naruto's case he wants to be the Hokage of the Leaf Village, the title held by the strongest and most badass ninja. Naruto starts out as a class clown who's got no power at all and he's gone through alot... He's still not Hokage in the story but he certainly is a badass ninja right now in the current story.

There's many more characters like Ash Ketchum from Pokemon who wants to catch every Pokemon and/or be the best Pokemon trainer in the world. The show is more than 500 episodes long and he's still not the best Pokemon trainer yet...

For a recap, and take some notes, it's great to have a dream and the more IMPOSSIBLE the dream is the better because everything's possible with determination!

I'm a member of the penpal website Interpals and I'd casually chat with any Japanese penpal and if I so much as mention something like trying to get a degree, writing a story, or even having a small anime blog. Even if I'm like yeah man it's whatever they'll tell me, "You're dream is very great" or "You have a good dream". It always humbles me because we're all people with problems and for someone to say that to me, it shows me that anime is doing it's job there. No I was just kidding. It shows me that anyone who can inspire others whether they be asian, white, black, spanish they're truly great people. That's why I'm here to tell you to keep working on your dream no matter how big or small it is. It's your dream and that's all that matters. (And my mentor specifically said as long as you're not making bombs or destructive material, i.e. not trying to hurting others). If your dream can HELP anyone, even just yourself, DON'T GIVE UP!

This is RPGHero signing out!

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