October 12, 2010

Vocaloid Track of the Whenever I Feel Like it S1 Remix {Part 2}

Back for part two! I hope you guys enjoyed the first season, the second one will start really soon!

Megurine Luka - Toeto [x 50 people = blissful innocence]

Kagamine Rin - KOKORO [Perfect Program Remix]

Kagamine Rin/Ren - KOKORO · [Another ~Lambda Organ~ Episode ZERO]

Mii-chan - Romeo and Cinderella [Another: For the Ladies]

Hatsune Miku - Torinoko City [PV Update]

I do not own any of these videos. I neither made them nor subtitled them.



  1. Yo Chansu can you post the lyrics to the Romeo and Cinderella video? If there's a translation... Maybe you can translate it for fun ha. I liked that one..

  2. I was bored so here lol:

    Please don't turn my love into something form a tragedy like Juliet
    Take me away from here...
    That's what I want

    Say goodnight to my mom and daddy
    I hope tonight, they'll have a good sleep
    It's time for grown-ups to go to bed
    This caramel so sweet and choking
    My bare legs I'm shly corssing
    how far away can we go tonight
    please don't hurt me, just be nice to me
    I don't like the taste of bitterness
    I grew up on my mother's cookies and cupcakes
    Everything that I don't know, oh they enchant me so
    isn't that normal? yeah
    Just show me everything
    And I'll show you everything that I am
    I'm so in love, I'm Cinderella
    I'll run to you, I don't care what it takes
    Could time magically stop?
    Before the evil catches up?
    I have to escape, I'm Juliet
    But please don't call me by that name
    Oh, you have to be here
    Or it's not fan-oh, it has to be fun!
    Hey, do you think that you could stay with me?

    Trying to look older than my age
    I wear mascara - forgive me now
    I promise to be a better girl tomorrow
    This borderline made of black lace
    There's no one here protecting it now
    How far away can we get it we cross it?
    I know that it was me who fell in love wiht you
    so much that it hurt
    But my daddy doesn't seem to like you much
    His hands outstretched to me, to care for me
    I can see clear, they only bind me
    Oh, my Romeo, take me far away, so far,
    so far that we get in trouble!
    The bells are ringing, I'm Cinderella
    I'll leave my slippers, the glass ones, right here
    So please, be sure to find it soon
    or the evil dreams wil take it first
    I'm sure that she was lying too
    She didn't just accidentally drop it
    I understand - I'm the same way too
    Oh,I just wanna be loved by you
    Look, and you'll fine me here

    Don't you wanna take a peek at what's really inside my heart?
    Isn't it filled with all of the things that I really want?
    I'm still not full yet - fill my heart until it might burst
    Until it overflows and overpowers you too
    But then, that wouldn't mean anything
    Apparently happiness can be found in a smaller box than I thought
    What should I do? Like this, I'm afraid
    That you might grow to hate me too
    My mom and daddy, they don't care
    They're no different, and they'll always be that away
    Yes, I'll just be true to myself
    What I dropped was the golden axe
    I lied too much, I"m Cinderella
    I heard that she got eaten by a wolf
    What should I do? LIke this, I'm afraid
    that I would get eaten too
    Before that happens, come and save me

  3. Well there are lyrics on the original video... but here are the lyrics for the male version via the youtube description:

    This love of mine will not be the tragedy that was of Juliet's
    so please set me free from here
    Then let us be off

    Papa and mama have already gone away
    Having left for their eternal journey
    Its then time for adults to be dreaming
    It seems someone has been thrown again
    into the depths of this abyss
    Tonight, how far should I go?

    Taking pleasure at your expression
    as you nibble on the fruit; such loveliness
    Saying goodbye to this halfhearted tale
    Innocently laughing perhaps of ignorance
    Yet wanting to learn so many things
    Discovering every bit of you
    is my true goal and desire

    The Sought-After Cinderella
    Dont you just love those dark apples?
    But this page is already about to be turned
    Unless we stop the time
    The Runaway Juliet
    But you dont like that name, do you?
    True, you are linked together
    but it wont be as fun if it isnt that way
    Now, why dont we have some fun?

    In this already heated journey
    My heavy thoughts are in a distant prayer
    Wondering if they will ever reach her
    Everything I see is but a blur for my mind
    Being transient, then disappearing
    Is that how far my cries can only go?

    A little hand beckoning me closer
    Leave your mysterious country someone calls out
    The blank pages have begun to run out
    No matter how many times we are born, well still disappear
    Despite that, we hold out our hands
    For this episode, a princess and a prince
    is already enough, right?

    The bells have been rung, Cinderella
    Take off your shoe and run
    If you dont, I wont be able to look for you
    and bad dreams will start haunting you
    The girl from the storybook who went on a journey
    I wonder where shes waiting right now
    Things like love and dreams and hope
    I threw all of them away
    I then cry out Im coming for you

    Would you mind if I take a peek into your heart?
    Would you mind if I grant all your desires for a lock of your hair ?
    Weve run out of pages so we need a peaceful closing
    It looks like I no longer have a place here
    [The conclusion is then up to you (the reader)]

    Instead of the large box, the meaningless story was put in the small one
    Wha-hey! Wait a minute!
    If Im Romeo, then this tale is a tragedy
    Yearn for me and covet me even more
    That is what a princess truly wants
    [I don't want to be here (reality)] was actually a lie
    Then this wolf has decided to devour you
    Well since the prince was already discarded away
    Then Ill leave things to the other me
    The glass shoe is a perfect fit for you
    Now let me change this into a comedy
    and I am now here to rescue (devour) you



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