October 19, 2010

Pokemon is not dead yet!

How many of your friends have admitted to loving Pokemon as a kid? Just about everyone was on the Pokemon bandwagon, right? But then eventually, like all fads, Pokemon (in the US) faded into obscurity. Diamond/Pearl series is only for hardcore fans of Pocket Monsters (and elementary school kids). But in Japan Pokemon is just another anime. It has a following similar to Dragon Ball Z or other long-running series'. Why else would Japan make a whooping 660+ episodes?

Pokemon is far from being old-news to enthusiasts in Japan. And because of that, many Pokemon crossover videos have surfaced on Nico. Check some of them out!

Clannad - Pikachu Daikazoku

Naruto Shippuuden Op 2 - Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Style

Ash Ketchum Fukkireta

So my (and Ash's) advice for you? Don't underestimate the popularity of Pokemon!


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