October 20, 2010

JRAP Video of the Night

M-flo loves Melody - Been So Long

M-flo always instead of using the word feat or ft. they use the word loves. U didn't think Japan had chill hip-hop did you??

*I’ve been waiting for so long
Hey, are you really okay with that?
Broken promises, your sweet talk’s not fooling me, yeah

I pay my periphery no mind ’cause it’s full of obstacles
The melody they’re talking about is inside my head
Like a large scale model
Ate too many delicious MC’s, I got canker sores
The fly residents stay troopin’
Tokyo’s 23 wards with love, prisoners of sound
So throw up your hands, the tech’s no joke
Urbannite flow, m-flo dialect

You know it didn’t have to be this way
Don’t say another word
Even though this pain won’t heal
I still don’t wanna hear your consoling words

With all my heart, with all my soul
Let’s just forget the past
With all my mind, with all my strength,
And let it wash away with my tears

**I’ve been waiting for so long
As time goes by it’ll all disappear
Broken promises, your sweet talk’s not fooling me, yeah

Strobelite, it’s a state of emergency
I’ll burn up all your nonsense
It’s tragic how many rappers come and go, call this the guard dog flow
MC’s best look out, my vocab’s mental

Remember me? I’m the one you used to doubt
But I’m nothing like the others
Now’s the time, talk of the past doesn’t matter
Ya heard? It’s U.N.I.K.A.

It’s pay day, yell out my stage name, it’s Verbal, I rearrange
Designing this while they play tricks
Move over ’cause it’s sick
Flowing transparently like an undentified light comin’ yo way

Many skyscrapers graze the sky
And encompass the sound we bring you

Let me rock your cradle
You’ll never figure out this fluorescent
Maze-like rhyme scheme


Why can’t I ever forget…sing it, sing it girl
The scars in my heart?… Unlearn is the word, truth manifests
Why ask why?… Why? Got no time for games
I won’t hear you excuses…(that’s right) Let me hear what your heart feels
Please god, grant me my wildest dreams
‘Cause you can light up my world

Coming out of nowhere you hear a sound
From the underground to a scene that is minus 10 degrees
It’s cold, we heat it up
This flow’s got not limits, forever unforgettable
Yes, yes, on and on to the
No complaints when I flush down your lyrics
We doin’ this one step ahead, we formulatin’
Touch with wisdom, yo what’s your station I.D.?
Listen to this new combination

With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my mind
With all my strength

With all my heart
With all my soul
With all my strength


Lyric added Jpopasia by: KATTUNKAMExROX

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