September 27, 2010

RPGHero's Random PowerUP!

Heya here's RPGHero with a new segment. I'm going to tell you all about a PowerUp I've encountered in anime, video games, pop culture, reality, etc. The key is that it's a PowerUP and can either increase someone's power or change them into something more badass!

Today's random PowerUP is the "Ju Nen Bazooka" or translated to "The Ten Year Bazooka"

The ten year bazooka is an item carried by this little guy

His name is Lambo and he is from the anime "Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn" or "Hitman Home Tutor Reborn".

The ten year bazooka is a item that was created by Lambo's mafia famiglia, the Bovino family. Anyone can fit inside the bazooka and once inisde the bazooka it transports that person ten years into the future. The intriguing thing about this item is that it covers a serious aspect of time travel, what entity replaces the time traveler in the present time. Well when the present self is transported ten years into the future the future self from that time is brought to the past. One interesting aspect is that once the bazooka is used the future self is transported doing whatever they were doing in the future.

This item is useful in the "Reborn" world because it's a world of fighting and dueling. Lambo, though he's five, is chosen to be a guardian of the Vongolia famiglia. His first serious use of the item was to bring his future self back to the present in order to fight against the adult he must duel to claim the role of guardian. So once he was summoned at 15
he wasn't strong enough and ran back into the bazooka to be summoned at the age of 25.

And by then he was definitely tough enough to beat that guy but one important thing about the ten year bazooka is that the time travel can only be sustained for five minutes.

He had to fight this guy who's an assasin

And I'll go on a tangeant to say that he is black.
Why can't they be the good guys??
Enough of that tangeant... You might be watching something new but like this one day with black main characters.. just a hint from ya informer RPGHero (it's still in the developing stages though).

I guess if I was one year older than Lambo and had a Ju Nen Bazooka I'd be mad set. Because I was tough at 16 and I'm banking on 26 to be a stronger year... And I'll keep my mod's to one sentence at the end of these posts. You're welcome!

Check out how it works lol.

He's really not the same kid who loves cake anymore... (SPOILER)



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