May 13, 2010

Training to beat that bad guy... Or for the beach body

It's almost summer! Do you know what that means?
That means it's almost time to hit the beach. When you go to the beach you want to be in your top shape to get the most stares from those cute boys or girls. In order to do that you have to TRAIN!

Training also comes in handy when you're up against an enemy. I'm not saying that it's wise to start fist fights in this day and age but it does help to be agile enough to run fast and hit hard so you can then run fast. Because everyone is trigger happy these days.

What does Goku do to get ready for the beach... the beaches of Namek.

Just remember that even if you train like Goku, you can't throw a Kamehameha.

Or you could fight for hours and hours against your "zanpatou" and learn bankai... This is the result of hours upon hours of training...

Or you can just be like Baki and train all the time...

Well I don't know where I'm going with this...
Just train hard and eat right...
You'll have a beach bod in no time
Beach bod = Bankai/Super Saiyan/Grappler Baki

On second thought I was just kidding.

But really...

In apology for this sorry excuse of a post...

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