April 22, 2010

Chansu's "Manga by Chance" Issue 1!

So, you thought we were only into anime? Wrong! In this new review series, I'll introduce you to one or two manga you've probably never heard of before. Only by chance (or "cha-n-su!") have I come into contact with interesting under-the-radar manga that you may like too! Time for...


Don't be surprised folks: today's "Manga by Chance" happens to be all about seinin manga. Seinin is basically the demographic I and most otaku belong in: young males 18-30ish. Seinin manga is pretty much aimed at the bulk of the otaku population. And for that reason it's filled with cute girls, fanservice, and generally light storylines. But some seinin manga also involves some pretty puzzling/important/sometimes disturbing themes. So it's not all about the panty shots! Now then, on to the reviews!

Let's Lagoon
by Takeshi Okazaki

[categories - Drama, Romance, Survival, Mystery, Comedy, Seinin]

If you woke up to realize you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you do first?

I'm sure we've all asked eachother this question, but then ask yourself: after 4 days of living alone and coming to terms with the state of affairs, what would you do if you found a cute, legally blind girl eating your last few rations?

I bet none of you answered like Yamada, the main character of "Let's Lagoon," who was stranded on a no-man's island after a school trip gone wrong. First thing he'd do is carve a boat out of a tree trunk. And after meeting the girl Imaise Chika, he'd dedicate himself to keeping her alive while hiding his feelings for her! "Let's Lagoon" is an interesting tale of a boy's perseverance to protect the girl he loves, even against mysterious odds. This manga is "Lost" meets Japan. Hopefully, unlike Lost, this thing will have an end. This manga is ongoing so get prepared to be left with a huge cliffhanger!

Check out "Let's Lagoon" in the seinin monthly Bessatsu Young! ...

Or for those of us who do not live in Japan, you can read the manga for free at www.onemanga.com.

090 - Eko to Issho
by Asakura Maru

[categories - Comedy, Romance, Action, Seinin]

Remember when your friends got their first cellular phones? Sure they were huge, clunky grey boxes with an antennae, but they could play Snake and Tetris, tell the time, and even maybe go on the internet! You know you were jealous of Joe or Pam with their hot new technology.

If you can relate then you're just like Hiroshi, the protagonist of this manga. So desperate to get a cell phone, he found one in the trash and sent it to get repaired. He never expected, though, that he would get a life-sized girl back in the mail! Hiroshi names the girl who claims to be a cell phone Eko, and she becomes Hiroshi's new mobile device whether he likes it or not. Many hilarious misadventures follow, with the class president, the text-ninja SATO, and Hiroshi's friends. Hiroshi struggles to keep the identity of his cell phone under wraps (the irony!) all while figuring out how to use the dang new-fangled machinery. This series is complete so have a ball with it!

Um I don't know where you can get this manga but I know it's online at www.onemanga.com.

Well folks, that's all I have for today! Get reading on your manga because there's more to come!


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